What is Procrastination 7 Ways To Beat It

What is Procrastination? 7 Ways To Beat It

Delaying your assigned work and daily tasks has become so common. For some people it is just for a few times they have done in life time but others do it everyday. But older people do it due to extra burden or sometimes due to laziness. The wonder is kids also do this. Delaying homework […]

Balancing Education & Entertainment Apps for 13 Years Old

Balancing Education & Entertainment– Apps for 13 Years Old

Apps that are both fun and useful can be beneficial for tweens. These games are fun for kids this age and help them learn new things, have fun, and improve essential skills like problem-solving, analytical thinking, and imagination. An app is available for every kid’s preferences and talents, whether learning another tongue, improving math skills, […]

What is Trolling Its Impacts, Preventions and Interventions

What is Trolling?Its Impacts, Preventions and Interventions

One of the main types of cyberbullying is trolling. Everyday many people are trolled and some of them get real enough that it leads towards serious consequences. Most of the online trolls are made on social media applications which affect people in real life. That is why it is necessary to know what trolling is […]

What are Gacha Games? Everything Parents Should Know!

What are Gacha Games Everything Parents Should Know!

As the world of online entertainment continues to undergo constant change, the word “Gacha Games” has become increasingly popular, particularly among younger audiences. Many of the elders are unaware of this term. Especially parents and the old guardians or caretakers. What are Gacha Games? “Gacha” originates from the Japanese word “gachapon. ” It is an […]

5 Best Apps to Track Family Members

5 Best Apps to Track Family Members

Parental control apps are one of the increasing solutions parents opt for securing their kids’ online exposure. Every year a lot of apps are launched to overcome cyber crimes. These apps are used to track the online activity of your family members. Top 5 Apps to Track Family Members Out of many apps launched every […]

Identify a Vault App On Your Child’s Phone Before It’s Too Late

Identify a Vault App on Your Child's Phone Before Its Too Late

The age of technology has brought forth numerous breakthroughs, but with all of these developments has come an increase in concerns about online safety, particularly for our children. Among these issues, one element in particular sticks out vault apps. What are Vault Apps? A program that conceals all of the data on a smartphone, including […]

5 Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Use on Academic Grades

5 Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Use on Academic Grades

When cell phones were invented human ease was considered the most. However, as time went on and technology advanced, using a cell phone became an irresistible habit. People utilise it for both leisure and labor. But the teens and tweens mostly use it for the entertainment which affects their studies much more than any other […]

Dark Side of Social Media How to Ensure Your Kids’ Safety on it?

Dark Side of Social Media How to Ensure Your Kids

These days everyone is using social media. It has reduced the distance among people. You can easily communicate with others as well as get up to date information of what is happening in others life. But if something has so many benefits, there are the risks and challenges attached to it which make the dark […]

What Are The Causes And Effects Of Cyberbullying?

What Are The Causes And Effects Of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has become a hot topic with the advancements in the digital world. These advancements have led to different online risks and dangers. However, there is always a thing that comes to mind “WHY”, behind every crime there is always a reason. So for parents it is needed to know the causes of Cyberbullying. What […]

How Do You Help Your Kids Spot Fake News? Why Is It Important?

How Do You Help Your Kids Spot Fake News Why Is It Important

Teaching children to distinguish between real and fake news helps them develop critical thinking skills. Social media feeds, which frequently feature fabricated, overblown, or sponsored information, are a significant news source for young people. Parents can empower children to evaluate reliable information by providing the necessary tools. For everyone, recognizing if information is reliable is […]