Track Phone Location With GPS Phone Tracker

Stop worrying about where your kids are use our GPS tracker to locate their real-time location. Get location alerts & discover history of places they visited.
Locate Them 24/7
Track Pinpoints in Real-Time

Track Phone Location in Real-Time​

Get Live Location
Find a Cell Phone Location

Keep an eye on their whereabouts and monitor their live location without letting them know.

Monitor Location History
Track Cell Phone Location History

Know where they were the whole day, week, or month with location history tracking.

Uncover Their Hiding Spots

Detect Shady Places
Detect Shady Places

Track locations and find if your kids go to inappropriate places like bars, clubs, etc. or one's you have not approved.

Track Detours
Track Detours

Discover all the detours they make while coming back from school or the playground with our real-time location tracking app.

Uncover Their Hiding Spots
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(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions​

Here are the three easy steps;

1 . Get PegSpy license

2 . Install PegSpy on any phone you want to track

3 . Open the dashboard and start tracking the location in secret mode.

Absolutely. PegSpy allows you to track any Android device’s location regardless of its phone number. Just install PegSpy on the phone and let it do its magic.

You need a phone tracker app like PegSpy to get someone’s live location. PegSpy allows you to watch their live location while giving you the benefit of location history monitoring. All you need to do is install PegSpy on the target device and let it trace its GPS location.

With PegSpy, no! You can install PegSpy on your target person’s phone, and it will act like a tracker device that not only traces GPS location but also enables you to monitor other mobile activities.

Yes. PegSpy can record location history along with date and time stamps so that you can find out the where and when.