Read Sent & Received Text Messages

Read your kids sms messages on Android phone, for their well being keep an eye on who they are chatting with. View complete details of sent & received massages, phone numbers & time stamps.

Leave No SMS Unturned
Monitor All Messages in Snap

Monitor All Text Messages in a Snap​

Track All Text Messages
Track All Text Messages

Read all text messages and get instant notifications as soon as they receive a text message.

Catch the Predators
Catch the Predators

Fetch the contact details and catch the predators if you see suspicious text messages.

Best SMS Tracker App for Android Phones​

Recover Deleted Messages
Recover Deleted Messages

Quickly recover all messages they try to delete or hide from you. You can restore both sent and received messages.

Monitor in Secrecy
Monitor in Secrecy

Read someone's text messages & they won't even know about it. PegSpy works in total silence in the background.

Uncover The Hidden Viber Chats
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(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions​

The PegSpy SMS Tracker App for Android is the most straightforward method. First, verify that PegSpy is compatible with your phone. Then, invest in a budget plan that works for you. Then follow the instructions that are delivered to your registered email address. After the installation, you can easily monitor anyone’s text messages.

PegSpy text messaging tracking app can help you remotely monitor anyone’s SMS. You only have to download the given A.P.K. file on the target device. After that, watch all their online or offline messages on your dashboard.

Awareness of what happens in our children’s lives as parents is never easy. Our responsibility is to shield our children from any online or offline threats. In the digital era, internal and external dangers are sometimes more dangerous. An SMS tracker software is the most incredible way to put your mind at ease about all concerns with your kids and the internet.

PegSpy can also track all messages sent by online messaging apps on the phone. It uploads all data to your secure account. It provides all photo or video text sent or received on target phones. 

Yes, if you don’t care about your data or bank information, you may use it for free. Never choose inexpensive applications if you want your personal information to be safeguarded. Because they not only take up your time but also leak or sell your personal information. They are intended to collect bank details and all personal information. Therefore, get a trusted Phone History Tracker app, which might be helpful to you later.