Remotely Control Camera for Android

Safeguard your children & be their protector even if they are out of your sight. The PegSpy camera spy app will enable you to remotely activate the camera of your child’s Android phone & capture pictures so you can make sure they are in a safe environment.
Peek into Their Surroundings
Be Your Own Detective!

Follow Them Without Any Intrusion

Capture Photos Secretly
Capture Photos Remotely

Remotely turn on their phone camera (both front & main camera) and take photographs.

Collect the Evidence
Securely Store Images

Our app secures the captured images for later access even if they are deleted from the device.

PegSpy Actually Works!

Excellent Spy Camera App
24/7 Remote Camera Access

Using PegSpy, parents can easily find out where their kids are just by activating their phone camera. PegSpy gives remote camera access to parents.

Always Remain Absolutely Undetected
Remain Absolutely Undetected

You don't need to be concerned about your child’s being suspicious about monitoring activities because PegSpy operates in absolute stealth mode.

Take Instant Peek Into Their Surroundings
If We Compare

A Glimpse of PegSpy Features to Monitor Kids Online​

  • Permit tracking of texts, calls, and contact lists for users.
  • Allows you to block inappropriate websites & apps remotely.
  • You can watch all multimedia files, videos, photos & webcams.
  • Set screen time limits for kids or specific apps.
  • Track live location of your family & set Geofencing with GPS tracking.
  • Record all the incoming & outgoing calls on target device.
  • GPS tracking feature to notify you timely about the places they enter.
  • Monitor social media apps, WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder & Instagram.
  • And much more.

Start Protecting Your Kids Today​

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(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions​

PegSpy can't be installed remotely. You need physical access to install the app on your target phone.

The answer is yes. PegSpy can control phone cameras and capture pictures remotely.

The PegSpy program operates in the background without letting the target user know.

One of the most advanced programs for taking pictures and checking phone data is PegSpy, which has strong surveillance capabilities.

The spy camera app is your aid to save your loved ones from any danger. You can monitor your loved one’s camera and know their whereabouts. Moreover, you can view where and with whom your target person is.