Discover All Networks Kids Connected to Be Online

Track Wi-Fi logs and locate your kids via connected Wi-Fi networks. Know the places they visit frequently by identifying the Wi-Fi connections with the PegSpy app.

Networks Connected to Surf Online
View All Public & Private Wi-Fi Connections

View All Public & Private Wi-Fi Connections​

Stay Connected, Stay Informed.
Stay Connected, Stay Informed.

You can now easily view the Wi-Fi logs of your loved ones and protect their privacy.

Don't Miss A Beat
Don't Miss A Beat

Monitor internet usage and ensure that your kids spend optimal time being online.

Track Their Connected Hotspots​

Know When, Where, and Why!
Know When, Where, and Why!

Track and monitor the Wi-Fi usage of your target device, getting insight into the names of the hotspots your kids have connected to and how long they were connected.

Block Suspicious Networks
Block Harmful Connections

Restrict all the shady Wi-Fi networks that may harm the target device. Take action remotely with PegSpy virtual commands and save your loved ones.

Track Their Connected Hotspots
If We Compare

A Glimpse of PegSpy Features to Monitor Kids Online​

  • Permit tracking of text messages, call logs, and contact lists for users.
  • Allows you to block inappropriate websites & apps remotely.
  • You can watch all multimedia files, videos, photos & webcams.
  • Set screen time limits for kids or specific apps.
  • Track live location of your family & set Geofencing with GPS tracking.
  • Record all the incoming & outgoing calls on target device.
  • GPS tracking feature to notify you timely about the places they enter.
  • Monitor social media apps, WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder & Instagram.
  • And much more.

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(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions​

Wi-Fi log monitoring is collecting and analyzing logs generated by a Wi-Fi network. This can include information about devices connected to the network, the strength of the Wi-Fi signal, and any issues or errors that may occur on the web.

Wi-Fi log monitoring is essential because your child may connect to a public or private Wi-Fi network that may harm their device and exploit their privacy. Moreover, monitoring Wi-Fi networks lets parents locate where their kids have been all day.

To use PegSpy Wi-Fi log monitoring, you must install the software on the target device. The software will then collect and analyze log data generated by Wi-Fi devices and present this data in a user-friendly interface. You can use PegSpy to view real-time log data or to create reports and charts that provide a more in-depth analysis of a target device's connected Wi-Fi network.

PegSpy enables you to discover places your target user visits via the internet connections connected to their device. Moreover, you can detect harmful Wi-Fi connections and block them immediately.

PegSpy Wi-Fi log monitoring offers a user-friendly interface that lets you quickly and easily access log data and generate reports and charts. The software is regularly updated with the latest Wi-Fi technologies and standards.