Dark Side of Social Media How to Ensure Your Kids’ Safety on it?

Dark Side of Social Media How to Ensure Your Kids

These days everyone is using social media. It has reduced the distance among people. You can easily communicate with others as well as get up to date information of what is happening in others life. But if something has so many benefits, there are the risks and challenges attached to it which make the dark aspect of that thing. So In this blog we will explain about the dark side of social media and ways to overcome through it.

What is Dark Side of Social Media?

Social media can be used to tease, harass, bully and scam with others. This is called the dark side of social media.It includes cyberbullying through social media and its all types.

There are many social media apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Tinder, Viber etc. these applications play a role in making social media’s dark side.

According to Etactics;

  • Studies show that only 5% of respondents think social media only has beneficial effects, and that over one-third of adults think it is negative.
  • Furthermore, research indicates that individuals spend, on average, around 1 hour and 45 minutes on social media sites.

What Are Ways To Save Your Kids From The Dark Side Of Social Media?

As social media is something which we cannot ban due to its benefits like connectivity, awareness about digital world and digital marketing etc.But its dark side should also be kept in mind. Keeping that in mind, here are some ways to keep your kids safe from social crimes;

Educate your kids

Teaching kids social crimes before using anything is better than telling them once they go through something inappropriate.Tell them about

Be a Role Model

Kids don’t follow what we teach them. But they copy what we do. So be a role model to them. Don’t involve yourself in any such activity that is not inappropriate.

  • Keep your profile inappropriate content free.
  • Don’t follow people who are unknown.
  • Show sober social behavior.

Communicate with your kids

Kids are always afraid of telling parents if they are exposed to something unsuitable. So have friendly relations with them so that they feel easy to tell you everything. This is very beneficial to stop the problem from the root and not let it go to unbearable consequences.

Be a part of their social media profiles

Become one of their followers and followings on social media. You will be able to determine who they are following and who is following them thanks to this. That way, you can keep a close eye on the stuff they share.

Use Third Party Apps

There are several apps to keep an eye on your kids’ mobile phone activities. Just like PegSpy is one of the apps that helps you monitor the activities of your kids on their phones. It helps you to monitor their social media activity like the messages they send on whatsapp, viber, telegram etc.


You, as parents, are responsible for more than only safeguarding the physical safety of your children. You also have the responsibility of ensuring their well-being in the world of technology.

You can enable your children to traverse the dark side of social media while simultaneously developing responsible digital citizenship.

It happens when you encourage open communication, establish boundaries, and remain actively involved in their lives online.

The next generation will benefit from a more secure and upbeat internet environment if we work together to make it happen.



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