Look Inside The Address Book

Get the entire list of contacts from your teen’s phone book. Monitoring the contacts list with call logs and other details—all with remote commands.

Look Inside The Address Book
Suspicious Contact Name? Find The Truth!

Suspicious Contact Name? Find The Truth!​

View Saved Names & Numbers
View Saved Names & Numbers

PegSpy records everything, including contact names, numbers, and other contact details.

Instant Updates
Instant Updates

Get notifications if a new contact is added. PegSpy keeps you updated all the time.

Fetch Contact Details Remotely

Get All The Details
Accurate Details

Access the contact details. Identify contacts saved under fake names by monitoring your kids’ phone address book.

Monitor Stealthily
Monitor Stealthily

You may covertly keep track of all the contacts stored on the targeted phone with PegSpy's contact tracking and monitoring tool.

Fetch Contact Details Remotely
If We Compare

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(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions​

You can install the contacts monitoring app on their phone and fetch all the saved contacts remotely. The PegSpy app is a smart tool that allows you to view the contacts on the targeted device without physical access.

Yes. PegSpy is the best option if you want to monitor the contacts on the targeted smartphone without the awareness of the target person.

Yes, you can easily view every contact of your child's phone without their awareness—all thanks to PegSpy, which works best as a contact monitoring and parental control app.

PegSpy is the best app for remotely monitoring a target person's phone's contact lists or other details.

Well, if you are using PegSpy, you are lucky because PegSpy helps monitor address books and track contact lists effectively and in stealth mode.