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Supervise & control what your kids are doing online & for how long! Safeguard them from harmful content & influences online.

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Monitor Kids Phone

Monitor Kids’ Phones

Limit Kids Screen Time

Limit Screen Time

Track Kids Location

Track Kids’ Location

Ensure Protected Digital Space With a Range of Advanced Features​

PegSpy offers a comprehensive suite of parental control features to ensure that your children are safe by all means. You can now embrace technology with confidence, knowing you have a trusted companion in shaping a secure and balanced digital future for your family.

Monitor Tablets

Set Time Limits

Spy on Social Media

Monitor Social Media

Watch Browsing History

View Browser History

View Live Surroundings

Monitor Surroundings

All In One Mobile Tracker App

Track Location

Track Location

Find Lost Phone

Find Lost Phone

Set Geofences

Set Geofences

Get Location Alerts

Get Location Alerts

Experience the apex of mobile tracking with our top-rated Android phone tracker app this all-in-one solution empowers you to effortlessly monitor every cellular activity on your target device seamlessly operating in the background, it remains completely discreet, ensuring that users are blissfully unaware of its presence.

Our unique phone tracking app features provide unparalleled insights into every detail you need whether you are parent, partner or employer the app is 100% safe to use as it does not need you to jailbreak your device & is compatible with almost all the latest android phones real time cell phone tracker alerts help you stay up to date with all the activities of the target device without missing a single keystroke or tap you can easily track the location of your friends or family as well as locate the device with features like find my phone.

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Track calls, messages, and wereabouts from single app

We Help Protect Your Kids & Family From​

PegSpy fortifies protection against online and physical dangers. As your child’s virtual guardian, we empower parents with the tools to seamlessly manage screen time, limit content, and now even monitor social media interactions. Keep your family secure with PegSpy!

Cyberbullying & Predation

Intervene, protect, and ensure your child is not being bullied or harassed online.

Online Privacy & Security

Secure your kids’ sensitive data from prying eyes and ensure their online privacy.

Behavioural Mental Health Issues

Ensure the overall well-being of your children by limiting bad online interactions.

We Help Protect Your Kids & Family From​

Gaming Addiction

Set optimal screen time to prevent game addiction. Take control in your hands.

Inappropriate Content

Filter age-inappropriate websites, apps, and games to encourage a healthy digital life.

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