What are Gacha Games? Everything Parents Should Know!

What are Gacha Games Everything Parents Should Know!

As the world of online entertainment continues to undergo constant change, the word “Gacha Games” has become increasingly popular, particularly among younger audiences.

Many of the elders are unaware of this term. Especially parents and the old guardians or caretakers.

What are Gacha Games?

“Gacha” originates from the Japanese word “gachapon. ” It is an onomatopoeic term that connects the sound “gacha” for the activity of hand-cranking a toy-vending machine and the sound “pon” for the toy capsule dropping in the collection tray.

These mobile games require players to pay real money or in-game cash to get random virtual things.

These rewards are frequently in the form of randomized gifts called “gacha pulls” or “loot boxes.” include characters, equipment, or units through a virtual lottery.

Stats related to Gacha Games

  • It has been found through Research that playing these games can result in addiction and excessive spending, especially among people who are emotionally weak or who have a lack of self-control.
  • Players with a longer game participation duration tend to spend more money on draws than new players.
  • Several elements, including the narrative, the characters, the gameplay, and the excitement of collecting items, contribute to the widespread appeal of these games.

Who Plays Gacha Games More?

These games attract players of all ages and backgrounds, particularly those who enjoy collecting and personalizing virtual items and characters through random draws.

Since gacha are typically meant to be played on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, they are particularly well-liked by players who enjoy playing games on their mobile devices.

On the other hand, these can also be played on various setups, such as personal computers and gaming consoles.

Why Gacha Games are So Famous?

The popularity of Gacha games is due to their accessible rewards that eliminates the need for skill to achieve the best outcomes.They have virtual items used for battles, plot advancement, or character display that make them more interesting.

Here are other few things that have led to the rise in popularity of such games:

Easy access

These games are simple to get and play on phones and tablets. The random nature of the characters and things in such games also makes players feel excited and look forward to what they might get next.

Get involved

These games are also very fun because they have changes and events that happen all the time, which keep people wanting to keep playing. New characters, items, and storylines may be added by these updates and events, giving the game a feeling of being fresh and new.

Social skills

Another thing that makes these games so famous is that they can be played with other people. Players of many such games come together to make strong communities where they can share tips, tricks, and stories.

10 Famous Gacha Games List

Here is the list of 10 most globally popular games:

  • Monster Strike
  • Puzzle & Dragons
  • Fate/Grand Orde
  • Genshin Impact
  • Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle
  • Uma Musume Pretty Derby
  • Marvel Contest of Champions
  • Disney Tsum Tsum
  • AFK Arena
  • Summoners War/ Sky Arena

Are Gacha Games Addictive? If Yes Then How

The answer is YES! These games are addictive.

  • The first thing is they are very good at making habits, just like almost all other addictions.

These games encourage players to log in every day by giving big bonuses for playing for seven days in a row.

This, in turn, becomes a normal part of the player’s life and makes them feel connected to their game wins and accomplishments.

  • The sunk cost error is the second reason, and is very similar to the first.

It’s more difficult to give up a game on which you’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort. After a hundred failed attempts, you begin to believe that the rare item everyone is looking for is only one loot box away.

  • The third reason is by far the most powerful and, oddly, the least sinister approach used by such games. These games frequently foster a sense of community, whether among friends or strangers on the Internet who can identify with the in-game experiences.

It is no accident that this game addiction is more common in young people who are denied physical social encounters and are more vulnerable to peer pressure.

Dangers Associated with Gacha Games

  • Gacha gaming is characterized by a predatory mechanic in which users spend in-game cash or real money to get characters and things of varying rarity.
  • These games frequently demand the most valuable things to accomplish specific content, transforming them from “free-to-play” to “pay-to-win.”
  • Some players, dubbed “whales,” spend extravagant sums of money on such games, causing financial devastation.
  • Gaming addiction is another havoc that comes up with these games which is very hard to get rid of.

What is the solution to these dangers?

To every problem there is always a solution. Here are some mentioned;

Limit screen Time

Don’t let your kids use the screens out of limit. Let them use it for some particular time which must not be too much.

Kids Mode

Make sure to turn kids mode on when your kids use any device so that they wont be able to spend money on buying game subscriptions.

Third Party Apps

One of the best options is third party parental control apps like PegSpy, TheWiSpy etc. that gives you complete access over the targeted device. You are able to block all the applications which you consider harmful for your kids.


Gacha games are very attractive and even a sensible person can be involved in it. So it’s very easy for kids to be involved and get addicted to such games which is not only harmful for health but also wrong investment for money. Thus it is important to keep a check on kids whenever they play games.




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