PegSpy | Refund Policy

Get through the refund policy and know what PegSpy is offering you. Customer satisfaction is the priority of PegSpy. Therefore, users need to view all terms and conditions. Read the refund policy carefully and know about your benefits. In this policy the term “you” is referred to the user, terms “we” and “us” belong to the company itself.

Common Terms For Transaction:

We want to facilitate customers as we know the worth of our users. If you have purchased our app and are having difficulty in operating it, you may contact customer care, and they will transfer your queries to the support centre. Within a few minutes, our support centre team will respond to you. Remedial action is our way to resolve your worries.

Customers can claim a refund policy if the issue is not resolved, but once it is solved, you cannot ask for a refund. The support centre will aid users in this matter. It depends on the support centre whether to refund the amount based on the complaint registered by the customer.

Terms For Refund:

If you want your refund, you must consider the following points. If you fall under these terms, then the option to request a refund is available to you. Please give them a careful read-through in your free time and find your point for the refund policy.

Procedure For Refund

If you find any reason for the above refund terms, you can contact our customer centre at the given mail. You don’t need to worry because the refund procedure will take seven days after your registered claim for a refund. Contact us and get your refund back in a few days.

The Effects Of Chargebacks

If the user is unable to pay the amount of the selected plan, then we hold complete rights to cancel his subscription immediately. If the chargeback issue occurs, then the user is responsible for bearing all legal fees.