PegSpy End User Licence Agreement

Before downloading our app, please read these licence agreements with all focus. This EULA or end user agreement contains all rules and regulations which fall within our company requirements. If you purchase PegSpy, you agree to all terms and conditions on PegSpy monitoring software or mobile app.

These terms are compulsory for using our surveillance system PegSpy. The EULA of the PegSpy writes detailed conditions in which you can use our app. If your second thought is to reject these terms of PegSpy, then accept our piece of advice to not to purchase or download PegSpy software.

You must always keep in mind that PegSpy is designed to use for legal activities. If you are involved in any illegal online ways, then we disown you.

If you are ready to install PegSpy, you are bound to the following legal terms and conditions. 

Overall Concepts

Never forget PegSpy is a licensed monitoring app. After purchasing, you can not change or break any terms in user licence agreements. 

If any upgrade comes, we will tell you about any essential updates that come in-app or PegSpy software. We accept your implied acceptance of all modifications.

Users should bear in mind 

Legal Person To Use

Whenever you use PegSpy on any device, you should bear in mind 1)you are a parent 2) a guardian or 3) the device owner. 

As we discussed, if anyone downloads the PegSpy app on any other device they do not legally own, then all criminal or offensive law work solely on them.

You must claim that you’re purchasing this app for parental control or to monitor employees. PegSpy should be used only for legal purposes, not for unethical activities.

Misuse Of Application Or Software

Again, clear the mind that you cannot use PegSpy to degrade anyone, blackmail, cyberbully, or defame, and you can not break anyone’s personal privacy under any condition. You have to follow the rules and regulations on the PegSpy EULA terms. 

Once we find out you are using our software on any other device without concern of the device’s owner, we have all rights to give you legal notice and can ban you from installing our application for a lifetime.

We can disclose to the user all personal data if they are breaking any law. You can not sell the information to third parties.


We offer the licensed accounts only for personal use, not any other than this. 

You have to follow these restrictions:

PegSpy is a legal, licensed app if you breach any of the terms above mentioned, we have all legal rights to sue or charge you for illegal activities that may result in legitimate proceedings. 

Narrow Warranty

The PegSpy has a limited warranty; when the user subscription plan is finished, we have the right to stop all app working features. So you have to resubscribe for an extended limited warranty, or this limited warranty is only stable when you are using the app under the terms and conditions.

Technical Issue

You can get a guide from our customer support service, if there is any technical issue you have to face regarding the application. They are available to help licensed PegSpy users 24/7. If our customer support can not resolve your problem, we offer you all refunds according to the refund policy of PegSpy without any settlements and offsets.

Boundaries Of Responsibilities

After installing PegSpy software, you accept all these terms and conditions. You have in mind that you read and implicit all times of services. All user’s terms and conditions fall under the law and regulations around the globe. You should be mindful before installing the PegSpy. 

Worldwide Use

You can use PegSpy from any place according to your law, but first, you must check your state laws. PegSpy can be used around the globe. Besides those countries restricted by the US Treasury, Homeland Security, or Commerce, you can not use PegSpy. Make sure you do not belong to any countries on this list.