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In this ever-evolving digital landscape, monitoring your child’s Telegram messenger isn’t just about watching over their conversations – it’s a way to nurture trust and ensure their safety. 
Dig into Their Telegram
Want to Read Their Deleted Messages on Telegram? Get PegSpy!

Stay Informed About Their Telegram Chats

View Their Entire Chat
View Their Entire Inbox

Get detailed information about their Telegram chat, including timestamps and dates.

Find Out Hidden Chats
Find Out Hidden Chats

Telegram has the option to hide chats. You can even access those faded messages with PegSpy.

Telegram Tracker For Monitoring Your Loved Ones!

Keep a Record of All Chats
Keep a Record of All Chats

Read & keep record of the entire thread through a simple interface. You can view secret, hidden, and deleted chats remotely.

Security Guaranteed
Security Guaranteed

PegSpy guarantees the confidentiality and privacy of all the fetched data. It keeps the information private and aids in protecting your loved ones.

24/7 Telegram Monitoring is Now Possible!
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(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions​

Everything has a cost. A monitoring app claiming free features will cost privacy. However, you can opt for affordable apps for parental control. PegSpy offers Telegram monitoring features at a minimum price; try it now!

Follow these procedures to monitor a Telegram conversation:

1. Purchase a license for PegSpy and install it on the target smartphone.
2. By using the PegSpy control panel, access your account.
3. Go to the dashboard and select Monitor Telegram.
4. To access all of their Telegram threads, choose Telegram Read Messages.

You can use the PegSpy app's other premium features for free.

Many apps are available online where rooting is necessary, while The PegSpy Telegram Monitoring function is compatible with Android without rooting.

Suppose you are snooping, such as watching your kids to guarantee their online security. In such cases, using a surveillance app is entirely legal.