Terms and Condition

Read these terms and condition with a clear state of mind. 

For using PegSpy accepting these terms are compulsory 

In this entire term and condition of PegSpy “You” refer to end-user and “we” “us” or “our” terms refers to PegSpy.You have to accept these all terms to use the PegSpy application or website.

By using our website or software you are accepting these all terms condition.

If you have any issue with the term and condition or you do not accept these, then you should immediately stop using PegSpy services or application.

Before purchasing, all users should study our refund policy. In this refund policy, we write detail rights of refund. If user refund reasons contradict with refund policy conditions, then no refund will be issued to them. 

Termination Of User:

PegSpy has rights to terminate the user services if it finds that;

Repudiation Of Warranties:

PegSpy provides its services “as is” or “as available” on the ground. PegSpy services do not provide any type of warranty or representation with the use of the features’ exactitude, accuracy, correctness or else. There are no hitches in using services that are caused by PegSpy. PegSpy does not accept all warranties which are to the data provided, including the unspoken warranties of negotiable and suitable for a particular purpose. Several courts do not allow the removal of unspoken assurances; therefore, the rules said in the above removal are to be considered unsuitable.

Limitation Of Obligation:

PegSpy shall not be taken into debt or liable for any indemnity and recompense whatsoever. In certain words, PegSpy is not responsible for any specific, indirect, significant or accidental damages. PegSpy is not answerable for loss in business or revenue. Even if PegSpy has been warned about the chance of such amends. PegSpy is not in answerable for any situation like that. 

Recompense Or Compensation:

User in terms make sure and take all the services of the PegSpy with all its affiliate partners 1) with legal accusations along with any rising payment paid to the lawyer for such a situation, b) In the situation, the user breaks the right of another person or concern party, c) Inability to support the terms of these contract

PegSpy Rights:

It is clear the company is the owner of the application. All right title and interest fall under the company banner. The company names its original licence. You, as a purchaser, can download, install, or use the PegSpy services and do not get any ownership rights to the PegSpy application. 

Uses Of Personal Data:

User after accepting this gives the whole permission to PegSpy to control or manage all data of their device. Or the information of the target device which the user have all access to PegSpy. We have to use this data to contact you and review to personalize your experience. We can mange the data or your requested features which you ask to us.

We can improve our website or services for users.

Security Measures:

We apply security to protect your data. We keep collected data confidential till we complete purpose for which we process the data. The morality of your data is encrypted against any virus, scam or any damage of data.  

Refund Policy:

If the user covers all our requirements for refund policy, then the user can contact us for their refund. Any technical issue is refundable. Refund policy is only for primary subscription not for additional subscription.


EULA has all the term and condition which the end user has to follow with PegSpy company requirements. If you want to use PegSpy services, then you must agree with our all end user terms.