Time's Up! Lock TheirDevices Remotely

Encourage healthy screen time and restrict their phone activity with remote commands. PegSpy lets you lock their devices through virtual controls.

Time's Up! Lock Their Devices Remotely
PegSpy is Your Secret Aid in Remote Monitoring

Remotely Lock Devices for Effective Parenting​

View Every Tap & Scroll.
View Every Tap & Scroll.

You can stay connected and informed of your kids’ activities with PegSpy.

Safeguard Their Online Activity with Ease
Create a Safe Shield

PegSpy empowers you to protect your kids by limiting their digital exposure with remote controls.

PegSpy is Your Magic Wand for Remote Monitoring​

Keep Data Safe
Instant Alerts & SOS

PegSpy cares for your kid’s safety. You can set up phone usage restrictions and get instant alerts on your child’s activities.

Control The Target Device
Remote Controls

PegSpy lets you control the phone usage of your children. You can activate their phone’s mic, camera, as well as lock their device remotely.

Remotely Lock Devices & Protect Data in Case of Theft
If We Compare

A Glimpse of PegSpy Features to Monitor Kids Online​

Start Protecting Your Kids Today​

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(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions​

PegSpy is a monitoring app that allows you to track and monitor the activity on a target device while giving you the control to lock the target device from virtual commands.

To use PegSpy, you must install the app on the target device and set it up to track the activity you want to monitor. Once the app is set up, you can view the tracked activity remotely from your own device.

PegSpy tracks a wide range of activities, including call history, text messages, and social media activities. It also allows you to filter inappropriate content, set limits on device usage, and view the target device's location.

Yes, PegSpy can be employed on several devices if the program is installed on each one and configured to track the desired activities.

Yes, PegSpy, a remote monitoring app, is designed to be easy to use, with a straightforward setup process and an intuitive user interface. Now you can control and monitor target Android phones remotely.