Fight Game Addiction With PegSpy

If your child uses any secret chatting app or inappropriate game, it’s time to intervene now. PegSpy empowers you to detect and prevent potential addiction by monitoring installed apps.
Detect Shady Apps
Monitor All Installed Apps

Monitor All Installed Apps

View App List
View App List

Track their phone activities by monitoring all apps installed on their phone.

Uncover Inappropriate Apps
Detect Inappropriate Apps

Spot suspicious or hidden mobile apps that may harm them and take suitable action.

Track Down the Mobile Usage​

All Details in Seconds
All Details in Seconds

Fetch all details of the target device’s installed apps in real time.

Complete Stealth Mode
Complete Stealth Mode

Monitor cell phones and their installed programs in full secret mode.

Track Down the Mobile Usage
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A Glimpse of PegSpy Features to Monitor Kids Online​

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(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions​

Yes. PegSpy gives you real-time insights on all installed apps on your teen’s phone. All you need to do is install PegSpy on your target device and watch its app lists remotely.

You need an app tracker for that. PegSpy app monitoring software lets you easily view all installed apps, including hidden and secret mobile programs.

PegSpy app monitoring feature fetches details about all the mobile programs installed on the target device.

Apps such as addictive games, dating platforms, and secret vaults are dangerous for children as they have a terrible impact on kids.

Kids have digital independence, which means they can freely install any app they like. Unfortunately, all apps are unsafe for children because they may contain harmful material such as violence, adult content, or screen addiction features. Parents must approve all the mobile programs kids use on their digital devices.