5 Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Use on Academic Grades

5 Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Use on Academic Grades

When cell phones were invented human ease was considered the most. However, as time went on and technology advanced, using a cell phone became an irresistible habit. People utilise it for both leisure and labor.

But the teens and tweens mostly use it for the entertainment which affects their studies much more than any other activity.

The Use Of Cell Phone Among Teens And Tweens

According to Pew Research Center, owning a cell phone among teens and tweens has been increased.

The Use Of Cell Phone Among Teens And Tweens

This increase has made the kids distracted from their daily tasks as well as their studies.

Here are the daily activities kids perform on their phones.

The Use Of Cell Phone Among Teens And Tweens 2

Playing Video Games

Most of the tweens and teens spend a lot of time playing video games. According to GWI, kids boys spend most of their time playing video games as compared to girls.

Playing Video Games

But this habit on one side affecting their health and on the other side affecting their academic grades.

Harmful Effects Of Cell Phone Use On Academic Grades

Notifications–Loss of Concentration

  • Phone notifications are one of the biggest distraction during studies. While studying if kids see the phone they lose their concentration over the topic and it end up using phone only.
  • In the other scenario, kids also think about using phone while studying which actually disturbs their studies and eventually affects the grades.

Poor Vision–Less reading

  • Due to colorful screens the eyesight of kids usually get affected. Due to this when they see the books or note books they get headaches. Eventually they lose focus on studies.

Insomnia–Sleeping During Lecture

According Sleep Doctor,

  • Our brains are extremely light sensitive, and blue light emitted by cell phones and other electronic gadgets delays melatonin generation.
  • Melatonin deficiency can make it difficult to fall asleep, leading to insomnia and weariness over time.
  • Thus disturbed sleep cycle causes lack of focus in the lectures and some kids usually sleep in the class ending up having no understanding of topic.

Loss of Cognitive Abilities

According to UNC Health Talk,

  • Cognition means of learning and applying information through thought, experience, and the senses.
  • Cognitive capability was found to be considerably diminished whenever a smartphone is within reach, even when the phone was turned off.
  • So if the cognitive ability is reduced it affects the studies and eventually leads to the poor grades.

Educational misconducts

  • Internet is the sea of knowledge. For assignments and tests kids use internet but in an unethical way.
  • They copy and paste everything. This reduces their problem solving skills and critical thinking.
  • But during exams it results in the form of lower grades as cell phones are not allowed during exams.

Take Away

To summarize, while mobile devices provide unparalleled potential for learning and connectivity, a balanced and thoughtful approach is required.

Recognising and managing the negative impacts of mobile use on academic grades is critical for raising a generation that harnesses the power of technology without jeopardizing their educational path.

Balancing pleasure with education, as well as promoting appropriate usage, can pave the road for teens and tweens to have a healthy relationship with their mobile devices.



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