Balancing Education & Entertainment Apps for 13 Years Old

Balancing Education & Entertainment– Apps for 13 Years Old

Apps that are both fun and useful can be beneficial for tweens. These games are fun for kids this age and help them learn new things, have fun, and improve essential skills like problem-solving, analytical thinking, and imagination.

An app is available for every kid’s preferences and talents, whether learning another tongue, improving math skills, or exploring the world around them. This is because there are so many apps available.

On the other hand, when so many options are available, it may be challenging to select the most suitable ones.

2 Safe Categories of Apps for Kids Under 13 Years of Age

There are many applications for kids on play store. But here we have categorize them for your convenience.

Educational Apps

Educational apps help kids to learn. They make education easy. Here are some educational apps that are helpful in developing your kids educational basis.

Khan Academy

In 2006, Sal Khan established Khan Academy, a not-for-profit educational institution based in the United States. It intends to develop a collection of online resources to assist in kids’ education. The organization produces a series of brief video tutorials. Additionally, extra practice exercises and materials created specifically for teachers can be found on its website.

Award-winning ABCmouse is a learning application that teaches children between the ages of 2 and 8 various subjects, including reading, mathematics, art, and music. Developed by educators and education specialists, it offers more than 10,000 engaging learning activities suitable for children of all ages and academic abilities.

Google Art and Culture

The Google Arts & Culture platform, originally known as the Google Art Project, is an online resource that provides high-resolution photographs and videos of artworks and cultural items selected from partner cultural groups located worldwide.

It uses high-resolution picture technology, which enables the visitor to study the physical and contextual details of the artworks, as well as tour the collections and galleries of partner organizations. The system is equipped with sophisticated search capabilities as well as teaching functions.

Starfalls ABC

Starfall ABCs is an educational software or app that tries to teach young children the alphabet and the relationships between letters and sounds through interactive games and positive reinforcement.

Children can see, hear, and engage with the letter-sound correlations in words and sentences through this amusing and engaging activity.

The Starfall ABCs app is a component of the more extensive Starfall Learn-to-Read series, and it provides participants with various free activities to participate in.

This application is intended to assist toddlers in developing fundamental reading abilities by introducing them to the sounds associated with each letter.


With over 500 million users, Duolingo is the most widely used platform for language learning, and education software downloaded most frequently worldwide. The organization’s objective is to make learning accessible to all people, free of charge, and enjoyable.

App name  Price iOS/Android  Age 
Khan Academy Free Both 4 and above 13$ Both 2-8
Google Arts and Culture Free Both 12 and above
Star Falls ABC Free/ 35$ per year to upgrade Both 2-5
Duolingo Free/ ad free version costs 6.99$ Both 10+

Entertainment Apps

Youtube Kids

YouTube Kids is a specialized application developed to provide children with a secure and supervised environment.

It provides a more confined environment in which children can have fun and learn about various content suitable for their age group.

The primary objective of YouTube Kids is to enable children and their parents to have a more streamlined and pleasurable experience.

This lets them quickly locate and watch their preferred shows, educational videos, music, and other content.

It makes it simple for families to access content that piques their interest and encourages learning and discovery.

My Talking Angela 2

It is the virtual pet game known as My Talking Angela 2 that makes every day more fashionable and enjoyable.

The players assist this chic cat in maintaining a hectic lifestyle at her home in the big city. Creators of the popular video games My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom 2, and My Talking Tom Friends, Outfit7, are developing a new game.

Toca Hair Salons

Toca Hair Salons are an array of virtual hair salon applications made by Toca Boca. These mobile applications enable users, involving both boys and girls of any age, to express their artistic abilities. It allows you to play with numerous haircuts and hairstyles.

Several versions are available, such as Toca Hair Salon 3 and Toca Boca Jr Hair Salon 4. In these apps, users can use numerous tools to cut, style, dye hair, and even do makeup on the face.

The apps provide a fun and innovative virtual hair salon environment without constraints or time restrictions.

Angry Birds

Rovio Entertainment is the creator of the well-known action, puzzle, and strategy game series Angry Birds.

Sega is the owner of the game series. Piggy Island is a remote island where the game is set. Red leads a flock of unusual multicolored birds that the player controls, and other characters in the flock include Chuck, Bomb, and the Blues.

In Angry Birds, the goal is to use the birdies as weapons to take down buildings and beat the opposing pigs.

The pigs are frequently situated in various stone, wood, and glass buildings.

Every bird possesses unique skills that can be carefully employed to remove the constructions and eliminate the pigs.

The game mixes tricky riddles, thoughtful planning, and physics-based gameplay.

Subway Surfers

The mobile game Subway Surfers is an infinite run. It was made by Kiloo and SYBO Games, two private companies based in Denmark. The Unity game engine is used to make it work on Android, iOS, HarmonyOS, Amazon Fire Tablet, and Windows Phone.

App name Price  iOS/Android  Age  Expertise
YouTube Kids Free Both 8-12 Videos for kids
My Talking Angela 2 Free / some features are paid Both 5 & above Talking, taking care of the cat virtually
Toca Hair Salons Free Both 4+ Hair cutting of characters
Angry Birds Free Both 5+ Use birds as weapons to hit building
Subway surfers Free/ some outfits are paid Both 7+ Running

What If Your Kids Use All Of Them With No Limits?

The solution is PegSpy. It enables you to remotely access the targeted device. You can set screen limits and block the apps you want.

This monitoring prevents the overuse of apps and unhealthy consequences.


The education and growth of children are significantly aided by the use of apps specially designed for children.

There are many benefits associated with educational applications for children, one of which is that they provide individualized and fun learning experiences.

These applications are intended to captivate children by providing suitable content for their age group.

It includes interactive games and multimedia components, making learning more exciting and enjoyable.

In the advanced world we can’t keep our kids away from technology. But we can ensure that they are safe online. PegSpy helps you in it by blocking certain apps and setting screen limits.



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