Stay Informed of Their Wellbeing

Kids are openly exposed to unfiltered online interactions and conversations.Listen to all their live conversations and record surround voices remotely.

Activate Their Phone’s Microphone
Hear All The Secret Conversations

Be Your Child’s Shadow & Protect Them

Record Happenings Around Microphone
Record Happenings Around Microphone

Predict their surroundings by recording the background sounds, noises & conversations.

Listen To Live Voices
Listen To Live Voices

Never miss anything. Remotely activate their phone’s microphone and listen to their live conversations.

PegSpy Actually Works!

Clear Sound Quality
Clear Sound Quality

PegSpy records are crystal-clear audio. You can listen to all the recorded files with high-end quality. Every recording is distortion-free, as if you are physically present around the target person.

Safe And Secure
Safe And Secure

PegSpy ensures monitoring with sensitivity and respect for your privacy. It helps to protect your loved ones and keeps your information encrypted. Only you have access to your recorded data.

Be Their Shadow & Protect Them
If We Compare

A Glimpse of PegSpy Features to Monitor Kids Online​

  • Permit tracking of texts, calls, and contact lists for users.
  • Allows you to block inappropriate websites & apps remotely.
  • You can watch all multimedia files, videos, photos & webcams.
  • Set screen time limits for kids or specific apps.
  • Track live location of your family & set Geofencing with GPS tracking.
  • Record all the incoming & outgoing calls on target device.
  • GPS tracking feature to notify you timely about the places they enter.
  • Monitor social media apps, WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder & Instagram.
  • And much more.

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(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions​

Surround recording means you can install a mic bug app on your target’s phone, and it records all the surrounding sounds by activating the device’s microphone. Regardless of location, you can record the conversations and chats around the target device.

If you're monitoring someone for legal purposes, like;

1. Your children to ensure their safety from the digital world.

2. Your employees to clear doubts regarding data exploitation.

In such scenarios, using a mic bug app is entirely legal. However, you cannot use a bug for illicit activities. In addition, you must go through policies and laws before buying the monitoring app.

It is natural to be concerned about your child's safety and well-being. Using PegSpy, you can activate the target device's microphone without them knowing. It works in private mode. Your child won't be aware that you are monitoring their phone or tablet.

The PegSpy dashboard is only accessible via the Internet. However, you can hear recordings without the Internet if saved.

You can record the surrounding voices by downloading the secret microphone recording app PegSpy.

1. The first step is downloading the PegSpy on the target user's device.

2. After downloading, sign in to your registered account from your smartphone.

3. Now on the dashboard, click on Mic Bug / Background Sound Recorder.

4. Start listening to all the voices around their phone.