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Privacy Policy

PegSpy has given an insightful overview of the company’s privacy policy and wants users to read it carefully. PegSpy is mentioned with the term “we or us” while in some places the user is referred to as “you”.

How We Collect and Process User Information?

PegSpy does not ask for users’ personal data while visiting the website or going through its features. We require your basic personal information when you sign to purchase the app. your name, location, residential address, email, and credit credentials are required for the billing process.

PegSpy will send an email once the user has purchased the spyware app. That mail will welcome the customer into our family and has a logging verification link with a password. Afterward, users can access the dashboard, and if they hold any queries, we will assist them through instructions sent by mail. Moreover, we want users to access our user-friendly device easily, and if the query is still there, they can contact our support team, which is available for live chat.

The company can use your personal data, for instance, personal experience, to make the app efficient in the future. But, we want you to be satisfied as your data will not be shared with a third party because it is password protected by you. We will provide a complete guard to your personal data as PegSpy is a trustworthy and reliable app. we have no approach to the data of the target device. It is completely secure between you.

If you still are worried about privacy, then we recommend our users always sign out from the dashboard of PegSpy. In this way, the user will have access to sign in and sign out with a password. Your privacy belongs to PegSpy.

User comfort is our priority, and if you don’t want to receive our promotional emails, then you can click on the link given in the footnote of the email. We will not send you promotional messages after that.

How We Manage User Information?

Being a family of PegSpy, you need to know how we are handling your private information. Users’ personal information is not shared with anyone, but we do share basic demographic information like gender or educational level, which is used by all websites or survey agencies. We create a shell around your personal information, but we will not be accountable if you clink our website link from another website. Please visit us on our official website.

Various secure measurements protect users’ information, but we protect their data through network scanning and software updates. PegSpy uses firewalls to limit the stored data. Moreover, your data is secured in disc servers; whenever a user accesses it via a password-protected login, it gets decrypted.

Legal Disclosure

PegSpy follows the law and respects it a lot. Therefore, we want our users to understand that, if required, we own the right to share your personal information with law agencies and courts. 

We shall take serious action against employees who violate any contract clause or deceive us; moreover, we have the right to take legal action if kids are abused. PegSpy is a company that stands on its own in the world, but there is a chance we might be involved in the business of another company then, we need to share your information with them.

If we change our policies in the future, we shall notify our users via email, and in case of objection, any user can cancel his subscription. It depends on us to remove or change any information on our website.

Legal Age of Users

The user should be of 18 years and verify his/her age when asked during the buying procedure. You need to inform us for what purpose you are using the PegSpy app. If you are using a parental monitoring app, then you need to give access to PegSpy for your kid’s data, and we assure you, we won’t share any information with a third party.

International Law

Our company’s privacy policy falls under international law.