5 Best Apps to Track Family Members

5 Best Apps to Track Family Members

Parental control apps are one of the increasing solutions parents opt for securing their kids’ online exposure. Every year a lot of apps are launched to overcome cyber crimes. These apps are used to track the online activity of your family members.

Top 5 Apps to Track Family Members

Out of many apps launched every year, here we have the top 5 apps that are useful to track your family members;


All in one solution to your concerns about your kids is PegSpy. It’s the biggest launch of spy apps in 2023. It allows you to keep track of the usage of Android tablets and smartphones. With complete anonymity, you can remotely observe all aspects of cell phones.

PegSpy is not just for parents; it can also be used by employers to monitor staff and their activities in order to increase business productivity while reducing the risk of data breaches.


It is compatible with only Android.


  • Call Monitoring
  • Screen Time Tracking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Messenger Apps Monitoring
  • Remote Controls over Mic and Camera
  • App Block Tracking
  • Multimedia Monitoring
  • Contacts Monitoring
  • Wifi-Log Tracking
  • Saved Files Monitoring


Plan Price Duration  Device
Basic $19.99/month 1 month Single
Great Value $16.66/month 3 months Single
Premium $14.99/month 6 months Single
Lifetime $299.99 (one time payment) Lifetime Single


XnSPY, a smartphone app, operates silently on both iOS and Android devices. With XnSpy, you can monitor a person’s calls, messages, contacts, emails, overall activity on social networking apps, and use of their phone or mobile. This app can also use GPS services and secretly record audio.


For both iOS and Android


  • Monitor Phone Activity
  • Monitor Messenger Activities
  • Read Emails
  • Instant Alerts
  • Remote control on the targeted device
  • Monitor Multimedia Files
  • Track Location
  • Control Apps
  • Keylogger


Plans  Monthly  Quarterly Annually 
Basic Plan $29.99/month $41.99/quarter $59.99/year
Premium Plan $35.99/month $59.99/quarter $89.99/year


TheWiSpy is a mobile device tracking and monitoring application. It is intended for parents, employers, or individuals who want to monitor mobile device activity for a variety of reasons, such as maintaining the safety of their kids, handling worker efficiency, or tracking a device in case it is misplaced.


It is compatible to both iOS and Android


  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Call History Tracking
  • Track Web Browsing History
  • Message Monitoring
  • Screen Time Management
  • App Usage And Blocking
  • Keylogger
  • Remote Control On Mic And Camera
  • Geo Fencing And Gps Location Tracking


Basic  Premium  Platinum
15.99$/ month 25.99$/month 33.99$/month


NexaSpy is a parental control and monitoring application that allows users to track and supervise the activities of a target device. NexaSpy claims to provide a wide range of capabilities to help you achieve your monitoring objectives, whether you’re a concerned parent looking to monitor your child’s online presence or an employer looking to monitor business devices.


It is compatible with both android and iOS.


  • tracking of Phone Calls and SMS
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • App Usage Monitoring
  • Monitor Images and Videos
  • Monitor Web History


Weekly Bi-weekly Monthly
$9 $15 $25


You can track someone’s phone without knowing about it using the covert phone monitoring app Eyezy. Monitoring tools include the ability to check the target person’s incognito browsing history, track their messages and phone conversations, track their location, and much more.

In addition to these benefits, Eyezy offers a number of advanced monitoring features, making it an all-encompassing solution for capturing a cheater in the act, tracking your staff members, and keeping tabs on your young child.


It is compatible with both iOS and Android.


  • Location Tracking
  • Social Spotlight
  • Phone Analyzer
  • Keystroke Capture
  • Plan Breaker
  • Files Finder
  • Web Magnifier
  • Connection Blocker
  • Keyword Tracking


Plan for 1 month Plan for 3 months Plan for 1 year
$47.99/month $27.99/month $9.99/month

Final Verdict

Increases in cyber crimes have become the most important thing to cybersecurity departments. But for parents it is vital now to ensure the safety of their kids online.

It’s now possible by using these parental control applications.



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