How to Peek at Someone’s Message Without Alerting Them?

The digitalization and innovation has make it very easy to communicate with each other. People can text, call and face time with one another with ease. But there are the certain challenges also come with that which take the peace of your mind away. 

Just like in case of kids, your little might be involved in talking to a stranger. May be they are talking to some one about something illegal like drugs etc.

Other case is your partner, if the relationship is trust bases but they don’t allow you to see their phone then there must be something fishy. May be they are talking to some other person and cheating on you. 

The only solution is to peek at their text messages but the challenge is without disturbing their privacy.

But the question rises that, is it necessary to see their messages?

Why It Is Necessary To Check Text Messages?

Isn’t it okay if you let them do what they are doing or just blindly trust them?

So the answer is NO!

In 2024, the world’s smartphone user base will be 6.93 billion, representing 85.68% of the global population. 

The overall number of individuals who own smart and feature phones is 7.41 billion, accounting for 91.61% of the global population.

This much number of smart phone users has also increased the number of cybercrimes taking place all over the world.

These crimes make kids and even adults mentally disturbed. Cyberbullying is the most prevalent one, it could be in the form of online harassment, online predation and catfishing.

The other reason you can consider is sexting. Teens are mostly involved in it which affects their daily life activities and mental health as well.

Thus it is necessary to keep tabs on your kids to save them from such digital risks and challenges that can make them victims of any cyber crime.

How to check someone’s messages?

Checking someone’s messages without even letting them know is a bit tricky without using any technology. However the innovation in technology has allowed us to do so with ease. 

Here are some ways you can check the messages of your kids or partners. 

Physically Check Their Phone When They are not Around

If your partner hide his phone then something is going on in  their life and they are not telling you. May be they are cheating on you and dating a side chick. 

So another possible way to see their messages is to check that when they are not around. 

But that is not a safe method. It brings a lot of risks. They can see you checking their phone which will impact the relationship and will make them alert. 


If your child is blue all the time and doesn’t communicate with you about it. Then there are the high chances that he is going through something. If they avoid using their phones and also get depressed while using it then being a parent you must take a look what’s happening?

For that PegSpy has got you a solution. Yes! The message tracker of PegSpy is your right hand to this issue. To set it up all you have to do is;

  • Go to 
  • Register for free with your email address
  • Install the app in the targeted device 
  • Log into your account from any device
  • Then go to dashboard and select the message tracking

Now you can see all the messages your kids send or receive from someone. The best part is it works in the background and the user cannot identify if they are being monitored.

Wrap Up!

In the vast world of texting, where communication is easy the dangers also exist. These dangers causes mental distress on young people. 

Beside this your partners can also be into their phone texting someone all the time. This will make you overthink about everything they do. 

To give yourself peace of mind you should opt towards the safest option to track the messages of your kids and partner. 

PegSpy is the one that put out the fires. It works in the background discreetly and makes you a remote spy.



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