All About Online Slangs Teens Use These Days – A Must-Have Dictionary for Parents

All About Online Slangs Teens Use These Days - A Must-Have Dictionary for Parents

Most parents these days are millennial, and we millennial are very much familiar with digital transitions. Cell phones enable us to send instant messages to people and communicate effectively. Today, people are more comfortable texting rather than making phone calls.

If your child is always texting, you need to be alert. They might be sexting or using false language with their peers. The lingo kids use these days is very different from what parents use in their teenage years. Most short slangs teens use are harmless, but some contain dark meanings.

If you’re a parent of teens, understanding the acronym they use in texting is very important for you.

Most Common Slang Terms Used By Teenagers

Here is a comprehensive dictionary for parents to understand the terms and acronyms used by their teens. Get familiar with these terms to take appropriate action when the time comes.

AF — as f**k

AFK — away from the keyboard, meaning the person is unavailable

And I oop — surprise, shock or embarrassment

And that’s on [something] — to show something is final and needs no further discussion

Anime – TV shows and movies inspired by Japanese animation

ASL — age/sex/location

Awks — short for awkward

Bae — before anyone else; a significant other or term of endearment (like babe)

Basic — used to describe someone or something mainstream or unoriginal

Bet — an affirmative reply: “Wanna hang out?” “Bet.”

BF/BFF — boyfriend / best friend forever

Bih — abbreviation of b*tch

Body count — number of people someone has slept with

Boujee — aspiring to have higher social status

Breadcrumbing — sending occasional flirtatious messages to someone without putting in much effort

Bruh — another way of saying bro; used to address someone

Bussin’ — when something is really good

Cake — another word for bottom

Cappin’ — lying

CEO of [something] — someone is the best at something

Cheugy — someone who is uncool or trying too hard to be trendy

Clout — a person’s follower count or influencer status

Code 9 — warning that parents are around

Cursed — something that is creepy or unsettling

Curve — to reject someone romantically

CU46 — see you for sex

Crashy — crazy

Cringe — someone or something that makes you feel awkward or embarrassed

Crunk — getting high and drunk at the same time

Daddy — a dominant (usually older) man who conveys a sense of power

Dayger — having a party during the day

DEAD — Something is so funny that the speaker has “died” of laughter

Ded — something really funny or outrageous

Dope — cool or awesome

Drip / Dripping — as in dripping with money, style or confidence

DTF — down to f**k, meaning someone is willing to have a short-term sexual relationship

E-boy / E-girl — young men and women who spend a lot of time online

Emo — someone emotional

Enby — short for non-binary

Extra — trying too hard, being over-dramatic

Facts — agreed

Fam — close friends

FBOI — f**k boy, a male looking for sex

Finsta — fake Instagram account (sometimes hidden from parents)

Fit — short for outfit

FOMO — fear of missing out

Fire — amazing or exciting

Flex — show off

Function/Func — party

FWB — friends with benefits

Gas — marijuana; or to describe something great

Ghosting — when someone ignores you for no apparent reason

Goals — something desirable that you want or aspire to

GOAT — greatest of all time

Go off — A phrase said to encourage someone to continue, usually when they’re ranting about something (can also be sarcastic, as in, “but go off, I guess”)

GTG — got to go

Gucci — fashionable or cool

Hangry — hungry and angry at the same time

Hentai — graphic anime pornography (Japanese cartoon characters having sex)

High key — intense and out in the open (the opposite of low key)

Hits different — when something is better than normal due to different circumstances

ILY — I love you

I’m dead — something that’s so funny you could die laughing

In my feels — a strong emotional reaction to something

IRL — in real life

ISO — in search of

IYKYK — if you know, you know (implying there’s an inside joke)

JK — just kidding

Juul — vape device that’s small and discreet

Karen — demanding or entitled woman

Kickback — small party

KMS — kill myself

KYS — kill yourself

Left on read — when someone has read but not replied to a message

Lit — exciting or excellent; can also mean being drunk

LMAO — laughing my ass off

LMIRL — let’s meet in real life

LMP — like my picture, like my post or like my profile

LOL — laughing out loud

Low key — have a low profile or keep something secret

Meal — someone who looks attractive and appealing

Mood — relatable feeling or situation

Molly — Ecstasy (MDMA), a very dangerous drug

Mutuals — people who follow and engage with each other on social media

Netflix and chill — euphemism for sexual activity

NGL — not going to lie

No cap — saying that someone isn’t lying

Noob / n00b — A person who doesn’t know what they’re doing or who is bad at something; in other words, a newbie

NP — no problem

NSA — no strings attached

Okurrr — ok, but with more sassiness

OFC — of course

Ok, boomer — calling out an idea that’s out of touch, like a parent who doesn’t know tiktok slang

OMFG — oh my f**king God

OMG — oh my God

ONG — meaning “ I swear to God”

Periodt (the t is silent) — conversation over, there’s no more to discuss

Plug — someone who can access hard-to-find items such as drugs

PMOYS — put me on your story or put me on your Snapchat

Rager — a big party

Requestion — request and question

ROTFLMAO — rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off

Salty — to be bitter or irritated about something

Same — I feel the same

SH — sh** happens

Shade — an expression of contempt for or disgust with someone

Ship — short for a romantic relationship

Shook — to be in shock

Sick/Sic — cool

Simp — someone who does way too much for the person they like

Sis — short for sister but can be used to address close friends

Skeet — to ejaculate

Slay — to be extremely stylish or successful

Sleep on — to be ignorant of something or someone’s value

Sloshed — to be drunk

Smash — to have sex

SMDH / SMH — shaking my damn head / shaking my head – meaning you don’t approve of something

Snack — an attractive person

Snapstreak — when friends message each other via Snapchat on consecutive days, creating a streak

Snatched — amazing, attractive or well styled

Spam — fake social media accounts or unwanted messages

Squad — a close group of friends

Stan — an excessively devoted fan

STFU — shut the f**k up

Sus — short for suspicious

Swoop — getting a ride from someone

TBH — to be honest

Tea / Spill the tea — gossip

TDTM — talk dirty to me

Thicc — attractive, full-figured body

Tight — in a close relationship

TF — the f**k, used to express disgust or disbelief

Thank you, next — when something useful has passed

Thirsty — need for approval or attention

Thot — that ho over there, often used instead of slut or whore

Throw down — to throw a party

Throw shade — criticize someone

Tool — someone who is stupid

Tope — tight and dope

Totes — totally

Trash — something that is bad or unacceptable

TT2T — too tired to talk

Turnt/Turnt up — excited, wild and crazy, often with the help of drugs or alcohol

V — very

Vibing — chilling and hanging out alone or with others, sometimes listening to music

VSCO girl — a style characterized by crop tops, scrunchies and white Vans, an avid user of the VSCO photo editing app

WAP — wet-ass p*ssy

Woke — politically or socially conscious

WTF — what the f**k?

WTTP — want to trade photos?

WYA — where (are) you at?

WYD — what (are) you doing?

X — Ecstasy

Yaaasss — a very definite yes

Yassify — to apply several beauty filters to a picture until the person is unrecognizable

Yeet — exclamation of excitement or approval, or to throw something very hard and fast

YK – you’re kidding

YOLO — an acronym for “you only live once.”

Zaddy — attractive, fashionably-dressed man

420 — marijuana

53X — sex

Staying vigilant is better than regretting. Cell phones have become a necessity, and taking access to mobile phones from kids is not a good idea. Instead, parents can monitor their text messages and make themselves aware of the text acronyms and slang kids use while texting. If you want 24/7 alerts of their SMS activity, you can use the PegSpy app and monitor the text messages your child sends or receives.



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