Scary Online Challenges That Disturbed Lives of Innocents – Here is How to Prevent Them

Scary Online Challenges That Disturbed Lives of Innocents - Here is How to Prevent Them

The online communities are for socialization and to promote healthy entertainment. One of the online entertainment includes live dares and challenges.

Nobody knew that online trends could take lives. Things started getting out of hand when Blue Whale became famous on the internet and so many innocent lives became victims of it.

This article covers some dangerous online dares that depict the real dark side of the internet. As a safety guideline, we will mention some preventive measures to safeguard kids from such online nuisances.

Scary Online Challenges That Took Lives Of Innocents

The trend of online challenges started on Facebook where people attempt different tasks and challenge their online buddies to do the same. Examples include the mannequin and the trash can challenge, which were safe and fun.

At first, things were normal. But as soon as sadist people joined the trend, the whole online challenge thing took a dark turn!

Here are the 5 most dangerous online challenges and dares that nobody should participate in.

The Blackout Challenge

Blackout challenge is the most dangerous challenge of all because it is a voluntary task. The rules are simple, choke yourself or someone else until they pass out. The worst part is recording everything that happens while attempting the challenge. TikTok was the platform that gave popularity to the Blackout Challenge.

The blackout challenge is lethal as choking cuts off the oxygen supply causing instant brain damage and death.

Blue Whale Challenge

The whole Blue Whale Challenge idea had a mastermind Russian psychopath named Philipp Budeikin. The challenge lasted only 50 days, resulting in the deaths of multiple teenagers and young kids.

Starting on Facebook, it was more like a suicidal game in which the hackers asked the players to do some stunts leading to self-harm and suicide.

The mastermind behind the Blue Whale suicide game hacked into the phones and computers of the players. Moreover, he threatened the victims to harm them or their loved ones if the challenge is not completed. After social media recognition, police arrested Philipp Budeikin for his hideous crimes.

TIDE Pods Challenge

Here is another disturbing online dare that injured over 220 teens to toxic detergent pods, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers.

Teens started this YouTube trend to consume laundry pods and upload videos to challenge their viewers.

Tide Pods not only burned the tongue of the participants but in severe cases, increased blood pressure and heart rate causing loss of consciousness and seizures.

Ingesting laundry detergent pods was a sick idea and YouTube took action against removing all the videos encouraging the Tide Pods to dare mark as flagged content.

Ice & Salt Challenge

The Ice & Salt Challenge is a painful dare in which the participants have to put salt on their skin and then place ice on it. The salt-ice reaction makes the temperature of the ice drop resulting in burned skin. YouTube was the medium here too.

Victims of ice and salt challenge were reported to the hospitals with mild to third-degree burns. The painful open sores caused by the ice and salt challenge were difficult to manage and took a lot of time to cure.

Bird Box Challenge

Have you seen the movie Bird Box on Netflix? If you haven’t, here is a glimpse of the post-apocalyptic movie. In the Bird Box movie, the actress Sandra Bullock was screened doing her everything blind-folded. Why blind-folded? The movie portrayed that if you see, you’ll die, because of an unleashed mysterious force.

Now, coming to the Bird Box challenge. The dare anticipated participants to do their routine tasks while blond-folded.

Several injuries were reported due to the Bird Box challenge. The worst case of the Bird Box challenge was to drive while being blindfolded. YouTube and TikTok were the platforms on which participants posted their videos.

How To Save Kids From Dangerous Online Challenges?

Social media is the main medium that publicizes challenges and dares. Some of the challenges are safe and human-friendly, but the serious ones are dangerous and lethal.

Who knows what your little child is doing in the name of an online challenge?

Here, parents need to step up and safeguard their little ones.

Talk and Talk

Online challenges can be fun and encourage socialization. But only parents know the consequences of the hidden dangers that come with the internet.

The better approach is to talk with your child about the safety guidelines of every challenge they try to do. Make them understand that nothing is worth more than their own well-being. Moreover, parents can also set healthy examples by avoiding social media trends and limiting their cell phone usage especially when kids are around.

Limit Social Media Interactions

Everything today starts on social media. Being an independent medium, social media platforms allow kids to befriend strangers from around the world. By limiting social media access, parents can secure their kids from unnecessary online interactions. Also, parents must develop a habit among their kids to authorize every group they join on social media. And that can only happen with open communications (just mentioned above).

Monitor Their Online Space

The digital world is tempting and kids are curious. No matter if you have talked through the dangers associated with the online world, it is always better to take preventive measures. And that preventive measure is monitoring their online space.

Parents can monitor their teen’s devices through parental control apps like PegSpy. This will give guardians a thorough insight into how their kids are doing in their online and physical lives. If we talk about PegSpy, it comes with a variety of features like social media tracking, SMS monitoring, and screen time management. Such features give parents complete control over their kids’ cell phones.

The Concluding Words

The online world seems fun until it unleashes the real monsters in the form of deadly challenges or dares. It has been reported several times how an online dare risked the life of a juvenile. No matter how many channels or content we block, such hideous challenges find their way into kids’ lives. The only antidote to keep children safe from such scary instances is to watch them over with an eagle eye. And for that, nothing helps parents better than a parental control app. We suggest PegSpy for complete online protection of your little ones.

Because Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it?



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