Introduction to PegSpy – An Android Parental Control App

Introduction to PegSpy An Android Parental Control App

The advancements in technology have also increased the threats of cyber crimes. This increasing rate of cyber crimes has given a rise to the spy app industry.

In the past decade this industry has reached its peak and every year different spy apps are launched to meet user’s demands.

What are Spy Apps?

Spy apps, often known as monitoring or tracking apps, are software programmes that track and record activity on a target device. Call monitoring, GPS location tracking, text message tracking, social media monitoring, and other features which vary from software to software.

These apps are utilized for a variety of purposes, including parental control, employee surveillance, and kids’ online wellbeing.

What is PegSpy?

The Parental Control App, PegSpy is one of the latest android spy apps of 2023. It enables you to monitor the activities of Android-powered tablets and smartphones. You can remotely monitor every aspect of cell phones with complete anonymity.

PegSpy is not only confined to parents but it works for employers as well to keep an eye on the employees and their activities to enhance the productivity of businesses as well as limiting the chances of data breaches.

Compatibility of PegSpy

  • It is an Android compatible spy app with no restriction of android version.
  • It is not compatible with iOS.

Installation Guideline

Step 1. Register your account

Register for a free account on the website.

Step 2. Buy a Plan

Buy from one of our plans designed specifically keeping your requirements in mind.

Step 3. Access the Device Physically

Installing the PegSpy software on the target phone or tablet requires physical access to it. The installation and setup procedure might take a little while. When installing the PegSpy software, you must make several changes to the target phone or tablet’s settings.

  • Open “Settings” to begin preparing for PegSpy installation.
  • Open “Lock Screen and Security” after that.
  • Select “Unknown Sources” and then click “OK.”
  • Open “Settings” > “Security” > “Google Play Protect” after finishing.
  • Turn “Improve Harmful App Detection” off and “Scan Device for Security Threats” off.

Step 4. Installation of PegSpy in The Targeted Device

  • You will receive the link to download the app from the Set-Up Wizard page.
  • Open the app download link on the target phone once you have it in your possession.
  • To begin installing the app, slide right.
  • A notification with the APK file will appear after the download is complete.
  • The file can be opened from a pop-up window or the target device’s download folder.
  • To launch the app, tap “Install” and then “Open.”

Step 5. Scan Licence QR Code

  • The “Privacy Policy” and EULA must be properly read and acknowledged before you begin or access the PegSpy program.
  • Scan the license QR code to activate the program after agreeing to PegSpy’s terms and conditions.

Step 6. Enter information of the user to startup

  • Please “Enter the child name” and “Age” before pressing “Next.”
  • In the data use access section, click “Proceed to settings” and turn “On” Google services.

Step 7. App Configuration and Permissions

  • After that, use the Setup Wizard to finish configuring the app on your target device.
  • Select next. Activate “device administrator” by opening it.
  • Please make sure you grant all requests for permission before installing the program.

Step 8. Hide Application Icon

  • You can hide the program icon after installing PegSpy on your target Android device.
  • Once you remove the app icon from the settings menu, PegSpy won’t appear in the list of apps.
  • The PegSpy software will operate flawlessly in stealth mode without being visible.

PegSpy Features

Category Monitoring Reporting 
Call Monitoring Track Calls Track incoming and outgoing calls
Screen Time App time management

Limit screen time

Able to limit the screen time.

Allows you to control the time for an application

GPS Tracking Location Tracking


History of all day locations

Notification if the device enter the restricted area

Messenger Apps Whatsapp




Report all the upcoming messages

Provide the deleted conversations

Give access to hidden conversations

Remote Controls Mic


Device Locks

Remotely take screenshots.

Capture images.

Record surrounding voices.

Lock the device remotely to limit screen time.

App Block List of all the installed applications Notify when a new app is installed

You can remotely block the app

Multimedia Images


Access to the whole gallery.
Contacts All contact list Notify if a new contact is added
Wifi-Log Wife logs

Duration of being connected

Complete list of device wifi-logs

Location of WiFi can be detected with connection name

Saved Files Access all documents View all saved documents

Messenger Apps Monitoring

Whatsapp Tracker

  • PegSpy is able to track whatsapp without rooting and no jailbreaks.
  • It works in the background and your kid doesn’t get the idea being monitored.
  • It provides the details of every text, even the emojis.
  • It gives you details of messages which are even deleted by the user, PegSpy still keep it in record.

Tinder Tracker

Teens are usually so much into making new friends and for that they sometimes choose adult dating apps like tinder.

PegSpy gives you access to their tinder activity including messages, profile etc.

Telegram Tracker

Find out specifics about their Telegram conversation, such as timestamps and dates.

Chats can be hidden in Telegram. With PegSpy, you can even read such fading messages.

Viber Tracker

Track your Viber connections’ information, including emails and phone numbers.

Take screenshots of anyone’s Viber activity and keep track of their Viber activities.

Monitor Contact List

PegSpy provides complete access to contacts of targeted device with names and numbers.

It sends you a notification if a new contact is added in the phone.

Track Calls and SMS

Monitoring Calls

Observe every call the user placed or received using their phone, and covertly trace call history.

Monitor SMS

You can get the notification as they receive the text with complete information of contact.

This is how you can take action in case you see any suspicious activity.

GPS Location Tracking

Without letting them know, keep an eye on them and track their current whereabouts.

With location history monitoring, you can see where they spent the whole day, week, or month.

Installed App Monitoring

You can get the complete list of the installed apps in their android phones.

You can even detect the hidden apps with the help of PegSpy and take the action before getting late.

Track WiFi-logs

PegSpy allows you to get the WiFi logs of targeted device.

You can monitor how long the targeted device was connected to the certain WiFi connection and this helps you find the location of the targeted device as well.

Access Documents

PegSpy allows you to get access over the documents in the targeted device either they are sent or received.

You can read the document as well as download it on your device.

Remote Controls

PegSpy makes you have certain controls on the targeted device which include the followings;

Remotely Control Camera

Pegspy enables you to remotely control the camera of a targeted device and you can capture the pictures of surroundings without letting the user know.

Remotely Control the Mic

PegSpy provides control on the mic of the targeted device remotely like a spy.

This helps you keep updated about the surroundings and their activities to see if they are in a club or at school.

Remotely Lock the Device

With PegSpy you are able to limit the mobile usage of your kids.

It’s in your hands that you can lock the device any time if you see over usage or some other extremely unbearable activity to avoid the consequences.

Multimedia Monitoring

Monitor Saved Images

PegSpy allows you to have complete access to the gallery of targeted device and you can monitor saved images of the device.

Monitor Saved Videos

PegSpy not only provides access to images but you can also track the videos saved in the device.

It enables you to download that video to keep the record and take action in case it is suspicious.

Plans and Subscriptions

To fulfill your requirements with a budget friendly option, PegSpy has different plans for you. Starting from basic to premium and lifetime plans. It works on a single device with one subscription. For more than one device you have to buy more subscriptions. But the features are the same for every plan either you take basic or life time which includes;

  • Tinder
  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • Viber
  • SMS
  • Location
  • Geo Fencing
  • Geo Tracking
  • Current Location
  • Contacts
  • App Block
  • Voice
  • Calendar Events
  • Audio Recording
  • Videos
  • Take Pictures
  • Images
  • Application Activities
  • Call Records
  • Keyword Alert
  • Wifi Logger
  • Calls


Here is the pricing details of all the plans and subscriptions of PegSpy:

Plan Price Duration  Device
Basic $19.99/month 1 month Single
Great Value $16.66/month 3 months Single
Premium $14.99/month 6 months Single
Lifetime $299.99 (one time payment) Lifetime Single

Refund Policy

PegSpy is very caring to customers and has a user-friendly refund policy. It takes 7 days for the refund of your amount. Here you can read the full refund policy on our page Refund Policy.


PegSpy is a powerful parental control tool designed to help parents have more control over their children in the digital era.

It offers features like content screening, screen time management, real-time location tracking, and social media monitoring.

PegSpy is used by parents of various tech backgrounds due to its cross-device interoperability and user-friendly interface. It provides a balance between allowing children to explore the digital world and ensuring safety.



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