Online Flaming – What it is, How it Destroys Mental Health of Its Victims?

Online Flaming - What it is, How it Destroys Mental Health of Its Victims?

The online world is very vast. With benefits, there are risks like online flaming that are tragic and can cause harm like psychological issues, physical issues, etc. 

Teens and tweens are exposed to this much as compared to older people as they are younger and innocent. Thus it’s up to parents to keep a check on young ones to make sure either kids are victims or not. In this blog, you will learn about online flaming, its effects on mental health, and the ways to avoid it.

Flaming on the Internet – What is it?

Flaming is a type of cyberbullying that entails regularly posting insulting and intimidating comments in an online forum at another person. Social media, WhatsApp, chat forums, YouTube, game rooms, and any other online platform where users can exchange content are typical locations for flaming cyberbullying. 

Flames are frequently personal and designed to create shame and humiliation in the victim.It has specified impacts on people which you should know!

Effects of Online Flaming on People’s Lives

Children and teenagers can internalize harsh remarks from classmates or strangers, even though adults may be very good at swatting back insults directed at them personally on the Internet. Cyberbullying leads to anxiety, depression, and even suicide in certain cases.

Victims may be afraid to notify anyone that they are being flamed online for fear of retaliation or embarrassment. The following are some indications that your child may be subjected to flaming or other forms of cyberbullying according to social media  social media victims law center:


  • Isolating yourself from friends and relatives
  • Dropping grades
  • reluctance to go to school
  • Depression and anxiety symptoms
  • Illnesses, real or imagined, that hinder students from attending school
  • Electronics should be avoided.
  • Suicide considered

Young kids who are bullied online frequently exhibit grief, frustration, wrath, and shame.

Related to online flaming there is another term that parents must know, “Flame Wars”.

What are Flame Wars?

A Flame War is a chain of Flame Messages posted back and forth on a message board between different persons that escalates into ever greater hatred.


But these wars are not like internet flaming. These are slightly different from those.

Online Flaming Vs Flaming War – What’s the Difference?


Online Flaming Flaming War
Flaming also referred to as roasting, is one of the types of cybercrime that can have a negative impact on your children’s mental health owing to the sensitive and embarrassing form of the comments expressed. A flame war is a heated argument that occurs over electronic communication technologies. It consists of numerous exchanges of furious or nasty messages between users.
It’s not necessarily a two-way communication. It’s a two-way argument. 

Legal Actions to be Taken Against Online Flaming

Different actions are legal to be taken online, which parents must know. Here are some listed;

Block or Report

The first thing you can do is block or report the particular person to avoid the issue. But in some instances, there can be multiple accounts of the, or multiple people are involved in flaming. In this case, you can adopt another way.

Hire a Lawyer

In cases of flaming, you can hire lawyers to take legal action if the blocking and reporting don’t work. They study your case and can help to solve the issue. 


To summarize, online flaming is more than just a series of heated arguments; it is a threat that can have severe consequences for victims’ mental health. 

We can work to create a safer and more compassionate digital landscape for all by increasing awareness, developing digital civility, and advocating responsible online behavior.



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