How To Encourage Teens to Manage Healthy Social Media Habits

How To Encourage Teens to Manage Healthy Social Media Habits

Social media emerged as a valuable tool and platform for socializing online. Teens use social media actively all day for entertainment and building connections. Pew Research states that almost 95% of American teens own mobile phones, with 45% being constantly online. Teens find it interesting to contact people around the world to share happy and sad moments of their lives, experiences, and memories with online connections.

Nevertheless, social media is dangerous if used carelessly. Parents need to train their teens about the appropriate use of social media and its possible dangers.

The article discusses some effective methods for kids to adopt and establish healthy social media habits. Productive use of social networking sites develops confidence and positive abilities in teens.

Is Social Media Beneficial or Harmful For Teens?

When used in a balanced way, social media use can do wonders. When it comes to the question of its harms or benefits, it depends on the manner in which it is used. Social media becomes the hub for positive social interactions when used appropriately. One can build constructive links for learning, entertainment, and sharing life experiences.

However, unchecked use of social media creates a sense of worthlessness, inferiority, and low self-esteem. Also, many predators, scammers, and bullies target teens through social media sites. Spending too much time on social sites compromises the mental health of teens, leading to anxiety, stress, and depression. Social media addiction poses threats to the overall mental and physical well-being of teens.

Despite all these risks, controlled social media use helps impart confidence in teens through interaction with diverse people. The article briefly describes the ways to ensure a positive use of social media in teens.

How To Ensure Healthy Social Media Use in Teens?

If your teen uses social media, you might be interested in providing them with a healthy online experience. Here are a few tips that might help you to promote a positive social media use in teens:

1. Be Purposeful

Educate them to have a purpose-oriented approach while using social media. For instance, if they want to post some pictures, chat with a friend, or get some updates, tell them to log off from the app after completing the task. This helps save time and avoids unnecessary exposure to a flood of information on social media.

2. Avoid Comparisons

People show a particular aspect of their lives on social sites through multiple filters. If your teens have access to social media, counsel them about the reality of social media platforms. Otherwise, they might unknowingly start comparing their lives with others and develop a sense of inferiority.

3. Use Parental Control Apps

Various tools are available that help manage social media use. Certain parental control apps enable you to monitor your teens’ cell phone activity. Moreover, some features help you filter the content that your teen can access by blocking irrelevant apps and sites.

4. Limit Screen Time

The easiest way to control the time your teen is exposed to social apps is by putting a limit on screen time. Multiple parental control apps provide you with the option to place a limit on screen time on your teen’s device. After the set time, the screen is automatically locked and, thus, prevents overuse of the screen.

5. Post Meaningful Content

It requires a single click to share something across all social sites. However, teens must know which content to post and which to avoid. Oversharing content on social media may result in privacy issues, identity theft, bullying, etc. Train your teens to evaluate if content is true or gentle, is it meaningful and helpful or will it be beneficial in the future? All these questions will help them post meaningful content online.

6. Follow Positive Content

Guide your teens to scroll for positive content on social media. Social media sites have diverse content, as many types of people have access to them. Exposure to negative or inappropriate content causes mental disturbance and confusion. Search for accounts that post interesting and positive stuff that makes one feel motivated and energetic.

7. Develop a Social Media Plan

Develop an effective social media usage chart for your teens to ensure healthy social media use within limits. Make a timetable to specify when and how much your teen will get access to social sites. Also, include breaks after specific time intervals to relax the eyes and the brain.

How PegSpy Helps Ensure Healthy Social Media Use in Teens

PegSpy is the leading parental control app that enables parents to limit their teen’s social media activities. PegSpy possesses an additional advantage over other spy apps because it is eligible for the newest Android devices. Furthermore, it can easily crack firewalls and other security passwords on the target devices. This user-friendly app can silently monitor your teen’s every online move without being detected.

The unique combo of the most up-to-date features makes the PegSpy app popular among other parental control apps. Through this fantastic app, you can not only keep a record of your teens’ cell phone activities but also ensure their digital safety. Following are some key features of the PegSpy app that enable you to guarantee a safe social media experience for your teens.

  • Screen time limit
  • Block certain social media apps
  • Block social networking sites with irrelevant content
  • Protect from cyberbullies and predators by monitoring calls and texts
  • Monitor contacts to look for the people your teen contacts on social media
  • Monitor browser history

Final Thought

Regardless of its fantasy, social media can be a source of potential harm for teens if used unchecked. Counsel them about appropriate social media use and its possible demerits. Additionally, you can use the topmost parental control app, PegSpy, to keep an eye on their social media activities. Stick to this amazing app to provide a seamless social media experience to your teens.



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