How Does Technology Affect The Social Development Of The Kids?

How Does Technology Affect The Social Development Of The Kids?

In this digital age, children spend many hours a day using some form of entertainment technology, relying on it for much of their play. The concern is that not much study has been done on how technology affects the social development of kids. Still, when excessive screen time takes away from the benefits of in-person relationships and developmentally appropriate activities, there is cause for worry. Thus, parents must pay attention to how their kids use technology and any possible consequences it may have on their social development.

In this article, we will examine how your child’s internet activity affects their social development from a scientific standpoint.

What Is Social Development?

A child’s social development starts soon after birth. It keeps going through the teenage years as he learns how to respond to his surroundings. Social development includes gaining skills and knowledge that help kids interact with others.

The Pros Of Technology In Kid’s Social Development

Technology may also have a good influence on our children’s and our own lives in a variety of ways.

Enhances Problem-Solving Ability

According to a recent study, kids are more drawn to games’ immediate objectives, which are crucial for problem-solving. When playing a game, kids frequently ponder the next move to take or the potential consequences of presenting a certain action. Their education and social development will benefit from this, particularly in the areas of math and logical reasoning.

Improves Language Proficiency

Children’s linguistic skills are developed through active screen time. They acquire new vocabulary and pronunciation guides by reading eBooks or tales on the internet. Multisensory engagement is a feature of several language development technologies that helps to expedite and enhance learning. Children today possess a highly intuitive talent for comprehending computer-based systems. For the social development of their children and in learning how to look up word definitions when they come across new words, parents might give their kids pictorial dictionaries or flashcards.

Excels in Social Interaction Skills

As kids get better at speaking, they may take in concepts that provide them with the tools they need to interact with others in society. Technology may be utilized in collaboration with others when it is used effectively. Children are already able to write and work collaboratively to solve issues using computers in some American schools. One important social ability that is transferable to other aspects of life is problem-solving. Kids are encouraged to utilize technology to collaborate in social groups and develop projects.

The Cons Of Technology In Kid’s Social Development

Children’s capacity to focus, form connections, and develop social skills can all be adversely impacted by technology.

Lack Of Personal Relationships

The social development of your kids depends on verbal communication, but body language, or nonverbal communication, also conveys a great deal about a child’s feelings. These nonverbal indicators cannot develop appropriately in the absence of sufficient face-to-face contact, which might distort children’s social interactions as they become older and live in a culture that embraces technology.

Children nowadays rely less on social connections and more on devices. Even having hundreds of followers on Instagram, they may feel like they have little friends.

Humans are social animals. Hence, social relationships are vital. Technology cannot truly replace the need for human contact, which is a fundamental aspect of human nature.

Higher Chance Of Obesity

Overuse of technology causes kids to have sedentary lifestyles and fosters laziness, which indirectly contributes to obesity. According to research, 10% of preschoolers and 15% of children between the ages of 6 and 17 are fat, and many more are on the verge of becoming overweight.

According to research, kids are thought to spend seven hours a day in front of a screen, whether it be for computer use, video games, or television viewing. Children should replace at least one hour of screen time with social interaction.

Low Self-Esteem

Because the two conversing parties are not in person, the impersonal contact that occurs through technology and social media platforms leads to disagreements, viewpoints, and needlessly harsh statements.

Social media’s widespread use by kids as a source of confidence frequently leaves one feeling singled out, intimidated, and empty. Kids will feel as though they have failed when they devote their lives in pursuit of a meaningful Instagram feed. Contrary to popular belief, social media frequently presents an image of an exciting, adventurous existence that is fully captured on camera.

What Parents Can Do To Encourage The Healthy Social Development Of Their Kids?

The following actions are advised for parents who are worried about how technology may affect the social development of their child and to promote healthy social development:

  • Use parental control applications such as PegSpy to impose time limitations on gadgets and digital media. They assist in making sure your kids get the right amount of screen time mixed with non-screen time activities and face-to-face interaction to promote healthy growth and ward against loneliness and isolation.
  • Have regular conversations with your kids about their day. This can assist in identifying issues with a child’s perception of the social advantages of their online activities as well as worries about a lack of real-life interactions. Additionally, it helps you recognize any inappropriate information or cyberbullying that can be harming your child.
  • Set a good example for responsible gadget use. To promote a child’s healthy social and emotional development, parents must engage with their children for a sufficient amount of time in person.

Final Thoughts

Although there are many potential advantages to early education and introducing children to technology, still parents need to be vigilant regarding the social development of kids. To encourage healthy digital habits, set rules and monitor your kids with PegSpy to be in the know of their daily routine and social interactions.



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