Frapping – A Wandering Online Threat

Frapping– A Wandering Online Threat

With digital advancements, online crimes have also increased and diversified. Frapping is one of the major crimes that come under cyber bullying. But for parents, it is vital to learn about it as there is a possibility that your teens or tweens are facing it.

What is Frapping?

Frapping occurs when someone logs into your social media account and posts inappropriate content in your name. Impersonating someone online and destroying their reputation is a serious offense with severe consequences.

How Frapping Works?

This is how frapping works when someone takes over your account without your permission and starts posting something inappropriate. The person who took over your account can post something funny or embarrassing to hurt or tease the other person. If the user is injured, they are left with symptoms like depression and others.

Signs of Frapping – Detect Before It’s Too Late

Adults may find it challenging to monitor frapping due to the varying norms of society surrounding it. Mild frapping is acceptable in some young friend groups so long as the content isn’t harmful and the joke is obvious.

One participant in the previously mentioned 2016 study described a “quite funny” frapping incident in which her friends published a thing she said while intoxicated. The young lady posted it on her page.

In this instance, the framing post was harmless, and the “victim” was amused rather than upset. However, this is occasionally the case.

When this becomes bullying, it exhibits the same characteristics as cyberbullying. For teenagers, this could include:

  • Emotional distress, such as embarrassment, sorrow, worry, and anger
  • Having difficulty concentrating in class
  • refusing to attend school or extracurricular activities
  • Being abruptly excluded from social activities
  • I do not want to discuss it with friends or peers.
  • Fear of socializing as a result of an increasing lack of trust
  • Having physical symptoms such as migraines or stomach pain
  • If cyberbullying continues, the victim may suffer from severe psychological consequences such as anxiety, depression, and even thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

Teachers and parents must keep a close eye on children and teenagers who may be victims of frapping or other kinds of cyberbullying.

You may offer psychological and emotional assistance for your child before you know what a bullying pattern entails.

How to Avoid Being Victim to Frapping?

To avoid being victims of raping, you need to have strong security of your social media accounts. Do the following steps to prevent frapping;

  • Add strong passwords.
  • Never share your account credentials with anyone.
  • Add 2F authentication.

If all the preventive measures are applied, but you still encounter frapping, you must know how to deal with it. You can also add parental control apps to monitor your kids phones & spot any such signs before it is too late.

How to Deal With Frapping?

If you or someone you care about has been frapped, gather as much proof as possible. Take screenshots of any malicious posts or account changes.

Keep laptops and cell phones out of reach of others. Block individuals or those responsible who have sent messages or made comments.

You can also report incidents of cyberbullying to the online platform where they occurred. Although the platform might choose not to take action, the manual will be helpful.

Finally, seek help if you or your child are experiencing mental, emotional, or physical distress. Your general health is our number one priority. If you feel comfortable discussing the incident with others, you could join an online harassment support group.

If you’re a parent, discuss frapping with your teen. Remind them of your unwavering backing and help them locate any required resources.


Frapping is so common these days. That is why parents, teens, and tweens must know about frapping its symptoms and how to deal with them.



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