6 Best Phone Monitoring Apps For Rooted Android Devices – 2023

6 Best Phone Monitoring Apps For Rooted Android Devices – 2023


Phone surveillance has never been more important in an increasingly digital environment. Monitoring apps for rooted Android smartphones can be quite useful, whether you’re a parent looking to safeguard your child’s online safety, an employer looking to control business devices, or someone simply wanting to secure their personal data.

What is Phone Monitoring?

Mobile phone monitoring is the practice of tracking, observing the activities and behavior of a mobile device, often a smartphone or tablet. It is also known as cell phone monitoring or smartphone monitoring.

Parental Control

Parents may keep an eye on their children’s mobile devices to ensure their safety, control screen time, and keep them safe from malicious information or online threats.

Employers Use

Cell-phone monitoring to control company-issued devices, track employee productivity, and guarantee adherence to workplace standards.


Mobile devices can be monitored by organizations and individuals to detect and prevent security issues such as malware or unauthorized access.

Trust And Safety In Relationships

Some people use mobile phone monitoring to keep their relationships safe and secure by exchanging location information or monitoring online activities.

Security and Anti-Theft

Mobile phone tracking apps can assist in the recovery of a lost or stolen device as well as remotely locking or wiping its contents to prevent unauthorized access.

6 Best Phone Monitoring Apps For Rooted Android Devices – 2023 Updated


FlexiSPY is a powerful monitoring software with capabilities such as call recording, keylogging, and the ability to monitor multiple messaging apps. It works on PCs and phones as well. It can be installed on devices that are not rooted. But some of its features only work with rooted devices like native gmail capturing.


XnSPY is an Android monitoring app that works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. It has capabilities like call recording, location monitoring, and the ability to monitor messaging apps.

But it needs the device to be rooted for the advanced features which includes; whatsapp call, logs whatsapp photos,facebook messenger, viber messages, viber call logs,viber photos

skype messages, skype calls, skype contacts, tinder messages,instagram pictures, line messages, access gmail app,live screenshots.


Eyezy is an invisibly hidden spy app that allows you to track someone’s phone without them knowing.

It provides many surveillance features, such as monitoring text and call logs, tracking the target person’s location, viewing their incognito search history, and much more.

But its social spotlight feature doesn’t work well. Its email tracking works well with rooted android devices.


iKeymonitor is a spy app that works on android devices whether it is rooted or not. But the rooted devices have more features like hangout tracking, snapchat monitoring

Highster Mobile App

Highster has 25 features in all. There were a few elements in particular that piqued our curiosity out of all the options available. Specifically, application blocking and deletion.

They only capture the text of the chats for the key ones, such as Facebook, Skype, Viber, BBM, and LINE, for IM capturing, which requires a rooted smartphone. When we tested it, neither Instagram capturing nor Snapchat were working.

All in One Solution- PegSpy

PegSpy is the parental control application that works on the android devices. It helps you to monitor the activities of targeted devices. The best part is it works on both rooted and not rooted devices.

Final Words

Finally, phone monitoring apps for rooted Android devices are strong tools that can be used for a variety of purposes in today’s digital era.

They offer parents, employers, and individuals alike knowledge, security, and peace of mind.

These apps can help in the protection from data breaching, ensuring online safety of kids and catching a cheating spouse.



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