5 Unsafe Mobile Games for Children Every Parent Should Know

5 Unsafe Mobile Games for Children Every Parent Should Know

Children have a natural curiosity, and such inquisitiveness makes them explore things around them or the internet. Today, up to 75% of kids have smart devices to search and download anything they want. The activity that increases kids’ screen time is playing mobile games.

Unfortunately, only a few parents take preventive measures to limit their kids’ screen time and exposure. The rest are unaware of the potential dangers the internet possesses.

If you worry about what your child plays on their phone, this article is for you.

Today, we are revealing 5 most unsafe mobile games that are not only disturbing but pose a terrible influence on the innocent mentality of a child.

Let’s get started.

5 Most Unsafe Mobile Games for Children

Let’s be honest: kids these days operate technology better than their parents. Every parent is proud of having intelligent and smart kids. But deep down, a guardian’s intuition keeps parents’ minds worried about their kids’ online safety.

There is no doubt that the internet offers so many positives, but no one should ignore the fact that there are so many unsafe games and apps on the internet. Such mobile games look normal at first. However, their content or tasks can exploit your child’s mind.

From the endless list of unsafe mobile games, here are the most dangerous cell phone games for children.


Age Recommendation: 13+

It is a national concern worldwide whether Roblox is safe for kids. Roblox is a popular game available online. It is an online gaming platform loved by American kids. Statistics show that an average kid or teen spends around 190 minutes per day playing Roblox.

This game has a virtual world, and players are given their personalized characters. Playing Roblox, kids can interact with other players online in the virtual world in real-time.

Roblox allows players to roleplay and chat, giving kids an open space to interact with strangers and do whatever they want to do in the virtual world.

Why is Roblox Unsafe for Kids?

Since the game is available for kids, teens, and adults, sexual predators take advantage of the open space and use Roblox as a sexting platform.

Parents must know that their kids can send or receive explicit images or do dirty talk while playing this game. As many parents reported that they detected pedophiles intimidating their kids to do false actions in the virtual world, Roblox is among the most unsafe for kids.


Age Recommendation: 13+

Fortnite is a game designed for kids above 13 years old. However, kids with lower age groups can join and play it. Fortnite is an addictive game due to the in-app interaction feature.

The plot of Fortnite is to save the world from the Zombie eclipse. Kids can play Fortnite as a single player or cooperate with other online kids to complete a mission.

Why is Fortnite Unsafe for Kids?

As Fortnite is a live game, online interactions pose serious cyberbullying and sexting risks. Moreover, the game gives kids a dopamine rush with challenging missions, eventually developing addiction among children.

Episode – Choose Your Story

Age Recommendation: 13+

The Episode game is not for children. If you have watched its ads on social media, you’d know how much adult content is available on the game. The game depicts adult life and has content unsuitable for children.

In Episodes, the game is all about roleplaying a story. Players can choose the character’s fate. In the Episode’s terms and conditions, it is stated that the game is for 13+ children. However, the options and content are not suitable for a 13-year-old.

Why is the Episodes Game Unsafe for Kids?

The Episode game promotes s*x, censored nudity, alcohol, substance, and dating. Infidelity is a common choice, and many other adult tasks are available at the fingertips. Such a game not only lowers moral values but also encourages obscenity.

Dumb Ways to Die

Age Recommendation: 14+

As the name indicates, Dumb Ways to Die is a very harmful game for children. In this game, the enemy of the player is “death,” and the player has to ditch or avoid death to retain their lives.

While playing Dumb Ways to Die, kids must brainstorm and complete challenges. If not, the player dies. The players have to complete the challenge to survive.

Why is Dumb Ways to Die Unsafe for Kids?

The game has dark themes that are unsafe for kids. Tweens are too young to understand the concept of death. Learning it from a game kills the sensitivity of the matter and exploits the mentality of children.


Age Recommendation: 16+

Just like Fortnite, PubG is also a mission-focused game in which everything revolves around killing. The absolute terror about this game is real-life incidents imitating the PubG theme where many innocent lives were lost. In one incident, the perpetrator recorded every shooting, and the video was taken just like the POV shot presented in the PubG game.

When you play PubG, you go online in the online space of the game, where you can see other live players playing the game. All the players have to complete a mission that includes killing the bad guys. Kids can do voice chat to collaborate with other players as well.

Why is PubG Unsafe for Kids?

Despite the fact that PubG is highly time-consuming, it makes kids blunt and anti-social. You can not control who is online on the other side. Foul language, cyberbullying, and sexting is common in PubG.


Being millennials, when we think of our childhood games like tug of war, hide and seek, and fetch come to our mind. Our world of video games revolved around Nintendo and Sega consoles. Today, high-end technology has advanced the world. Modern kids are more into mobile games than physical activities. As technology is needed to sustain everyday life, parents can not take away phones from their kids. Instead, they can educate themselves and their kids regarding the online dangers that may hurt kids.

As a preventive measure, parents can use a phone monitoring app like PegSpy to make sure their kids are not playing any dangerous or addictive games.



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