5 Best Phone Monitoring Apps For Parents (2023)

5 Best Phone Monitoring Apps For Parents (2023)

Technology is a good source of advanced learning for children of all ages. Children use mobile phones and computers for both educational and recreational purposes. American Academy of Paediatrics reveals that a child spends, on average, 7 hours before screen each day. Using a mobile phone for long durations can ruin your child’s physical and mental health, so it is important to maintain a healthy balance.

Various phone monitoring apps help supervise and control your kid’s screen time. These apps enable you to block specific content and ensure your kid’s online safety. Using parental control tools, you may restrain them from inappropriate sites and maintain a secure online environment. Another important thing is that you can trace your child’s location using these apps and ensure his safety.

Multiple parental tracking apps are available for Android and iOs to monitor your child’s activity. Parental control apps have been common in many countries for many years. This post will discuss the five best phone monitoring apps to supervise your children. Let’s explore them!

1. PegSpy

PegSpy is one of the best phone monitoring apps for parents. It is a highly recommended app for tracking your child’s cell phone. PegSpy is a comprehensive app with innovative options compared to other tracking apps. This app is straightforward to install and has simple controls. Monitoring cell phones and tablets, the app can reveal all the secrets on your child’s device.

Key Features:

  • It records all incoming and outgoing chats and calls
  • PegSpy maintains a record of chats from all social media apps
  • It detects the GPS location of the connected device. It also provides location history, including date and time
  • It records saved documents
  • Ensures safety by specifying the zone of the device through WiFi tracking

2. TheWiSpy

TheWiSpy is one of the top spyware for Android devices. It is the best cell phone tracking app with unique features and a simple interface. TheWispy enables you to monitor chats, calls, social media activities, location, etc. You can keep tabs on your kids’ online activities and block irrelevant content from their screens to guarantee digital safety.

Key Features:

  • Records social media apps activities
  • Records call and maintain call logs
  • Tracks the device location using a digital map
  • It enables you to lock the device remotely
  • Capable of hearing microphone surroundings

3. mSpy

mSpy is a simple and professional parental control app. This app has amazing features that allow you to stay in touch with your child. You can easily protect your child from harmful content and people using mSpy by keeping a record of your child’s cell phone.

Key Features:

  • mSpy records all the calls and chats, even the deleted ones
  • It shows the browser’s search history
  • mSpy tracks the device’s location and maintains a record of location history
  • It records the keyboard activity. It detects every stroke on the keyboard and notifies you
  • It monitors social media activities

4. NexaSpy

One of the most reliable apps to track your child’s phone activities is NexaSpy. It possesses comprehensive controls and a fantastic array of features. This app is simple to install and has a convenient interface.

Key Features:

  • Keeps track of all contacts in the Contacts list of the phone
  • It records all incoming and outgoing calls
  • It enables one to check all the text messages sent or received
  • Traces the GPS location of the target phone with date and time
  • Records the keyboard activity and gives alerts when particular keywords are typed

5. XnSpy

XnSpy is another trusted cell phone monitoring application. It provides you with multiple features with a user-friendly interface. You can access all the important features from the app’s dashboard. It provides instant alerts through its “Instant Alert 24/7” feature. You don’t need to open the app’s control panel every time. Some of the prominent features of XnSpy are below.

Key Features:

  • Call log monitoring helps you to keep a check on the people who are in contact with your child
  • Geo Zoning helps trace your child’s location and identifies whether he is in a safe zone
  • Text spying helps you keep an eye on every message, either it is sent or received
  • Enables checking browser history
  • Xnspy Messaging App Spy records the chats on all social media apps, including deleted chats

To Wrap Up

Children may come across harmful content or people while using the internet. After learning about the best phone monitoring apps, parents will be able to create a satisfactory environment for online learning for their kids. You can choose any of the above options suitable for your requirement. Stay connected with your children to ensure their safety and protection through an efficient way in the form of these apps.



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