Supervise Videos on Their Phone

Monitor all videos stored, shared, or recorded via your teen’s cell phone. Just one click, and you have full access to their multimedia gallery.

Track Every Video TheyWatched
Do They Watch Inappropriate Videos? Find Out!

Look Through The Media Gallery​

Track Saved Videos
View Saved Videos

Track videos saved on your kid’s phone gallery. View video details, i.e., date and timestamps.

View Deleted & Unapparent Videos
View Deleted Videos

Check out all the deleted videos. PegSpy fetches data as soon as it comes into the device.

Encourage Safe Media Sharing!

100% Video Quality
100% Video Quality

View all the videos saved on the target device in premium quality. Track videos that are visible to you without being blurry or foggy.

Original and Accurate
Protected Shield

PegSpy ensures that your videos are protected and safeguarded by higher means. It will protect your control panel's information no matter what.

Don't Miss Any Video Evidence!
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(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions​

Teens get trapped online by predators who may force them to share or watch inappropriate videos. Online molesters send nonconsensual photos to innocent kids and blackmail them afterward. Parents can use a monitoring app and track the video files of their teens, thus safeguarding them by all means.

Yes, you can snoop into the media gallery and access all the videos without direct access to the target gadget.

Follow these steps:

1 . Download the video monitoring functionality of PegSpy.

2 . Secondly, sign in to your PegSpy account

3 . After That, select "video monitoring" to view all the videos stored on the target person's device.

Yes, PegSpy will allow its user's complete access to all the videos the target person has deleted or removed from the device.

The PegSpy allows you to covertly monitor videos saved in the target device. It also lets you view all deleted, hidden, and recorded videos. On Android cell phones, it runs in stealth mode.