See The Unseen

Get vigilant insights into your child’s photo gallery and view all the captured pictures and shared content through their phone. Encourage responsible video sharing with PegSpy.

See The Unseen
Remotely Monitor All Photos On Their Gallery In One Click

Promote Digital Well-being

Watch their Captured Photos
View Photo Gallery

It is easy to monitor all their captured and downloaded photos remotely. The complete image gallery is accessible on your dashboard.

Browse Downloaded Photos
Access Hidden Photos

Sometimes, teens hide personal images in vault apps or create a secret image folder. PegSpy lets you access all media remotely.

Supervise Every Digital Footprint

Stealth Photos Monitoring Software
Seamless Monitoring

Access all the photos your teen has on their phones with the PegSpy app.

Backup All Deleted Photos
Backup All Deleted Photos

PegSpy saves the deleted media of the gallery; you can easily view it anytime.

Spy Like a Pro! Get Valid Proof
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(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions​

The PegSpy photo tracker app for Android is the most accessible method to remotely monitor photos on anyone's phone. Just get the app, and you can monitor someone's phone gallery after installation.

Phone monitoring applications are the most reliable way to access the gallery from anywhere. PegSpy offers stealth mode to monitor photos. You only have to install photos monitoring software on the target device and oversee all camera-captured or saved gallery pictures.

PegSpy is a parental control app. You can use a photo tracker application on your children's phones for their concerns or any phones you own. It is legal.

PegSpy can track all photos sent or received by online messaging apps. It collects all the data from WhatsApp, Instagram, or any picture downloaded in the gallery sync on your dashboard so you can monitor from any device you want.

Never use free image tracker applications because they are designed to collect your data or detect your bank information. In many free schemes, they grab your bank details, and after that, you notice a transaction from your account, but unfortunately, now you can not do anything. Downloading free apps is like entering a war without a shield or protection.

Some Honest Testimonials​
Some Honest Testimonials
John Stephen
My kids had been driving me crazy with their tablets. Taking the tablets back from them was hard, and monitoring was out of the question. PegSpy made my life easy. .
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Tylor Louis
PegSpy is a magic wand that saves your children from getting harmed online. I'm using this parental control app for a while now and I love how it keeps me posted on my child's activities. 100% Recommended!!!
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Samantha Green
I was so worried about my daughter's online friend circle until my neighbor suggested PegSpy. It is an easy app for parents who want to know what their kids do online.
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Suzzane Smith
Being a working mom of 2 teenagers is a rollercoaster ride. But thanks to PegSpy for keeping me updated about where my kids are, what they're doing, and if they are safe. It is a full package and I recommend it to all parents out there.
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