We made the PegSpy application or all services to use for legal activities. You can monitor any target device or the device which have under your laws. We manufacture PegSpy to use as an employee monitoring software or parental control app. You can use PegSpy with the consent of the target device user. If he is an employee or child, consent is essential. Any use of PegSpy for a harmful effect on another person or illegal use is highly discouraged by us. We can cancel your license if your account is reported in any prohibited or unlawful activities. The user is only accountable for any state law breach out.

END_USER of PegSpy must understand these terms and conditions at the time of purchasing

Users always have in mind that the device, on which PegSpy is installed, is either owned by themself or they had the consent of the target device user.

It should be for parental control or employee monitoring. Users should accept this all first before purchasing a PegSpy application or services. Before using this app, you can also concern your lawyer if you have any misunderstanding related to this app’s terms and conditions.

We protect your data in PegSpy. We never show your data to anyone unless there is a court order or you are using the app illegally. In all cases of law, we have to support law enforcement in disclosing all your information. 

Copyright of PegSpy

We save PegSpy from all third parties or companies copying our software. All logos, text, and description services come under the banner of PegSpy. We licensed PegSpy with our legal attorneys. You can not change or modify any part of our application. We can charge you legally if you breach any terms and conditions.


Suppose anyone tries to spread any fake or defaming news against our application. In that case, we request agencies and media outlets to research that news or concern us first before publishing any false information against PegSpy. We provide your clear evidence to protect our status and show our dignity.

Issue to Contemplate

We make this application only for ethical use as a parenting tool or employee monitoring software. You can monitor your kids’ online activities or track your employee, but you have to tell them. With PegSpy tools, observe every moment of your kids or employees with their concerns. If PegSpy found out you are using our services for any illegal activities, you did not tell the target device’s owner, or the PegSpy user failed to inform the owner, we can report the user to federal authorities and state under the laws. 

It would be best if you remembered that any illegal involvement of the user with PegSpy is solely responsible by the end-user. PegSpy is not providing any backup or accountable for activities against the law. Read, If you spy on someone’s phone without concern, you are committing cybercrime. And our company and that person can charge you with cybercrime laws.  

The user should have in mind what he can do or what he can not with PegSpy services.