mSpy Review – 5 Best mSpy Alternatives to Pick

mSpy Review and Alternatives

The internet access has improved our lifestyle. Everyone wants to explore every bit of the internet, but don’t forget every good comes with a downside! 

Our kids also have access to the digital world, raising parents’ concerns over their security from potential online dangers. In recent years, the spy app industry has become crowded. If we talk about the leading mobile tracker app, mSpy is on our list with some unique features. Compatible with any device, mSpy review reveals that you can use it for various purposes, such as tracking employees, finding out if your partner is cheating, and monitoring your kids’ online activities. 

Meanwhile, we have a list of mSpy alternatives that can help you provide more deep online privacy and security to your loved ones. What are they?

Let’s explore:

1. PegSpy – Leading Parental Control App

PegSpy is the latest yet efficient Android Tracking App, designed to monitor devices under stealth mode. It enables you to get the data from the target device without them knowing. With a comprehensive collection of features, you can monitor multiple apps, track real-time locations, and set safe zones. 

Not only parents but employers can also use PegSpy for employee surveillance. If your partner is cheating on you, you can get proof by installing this powerful spy app on the target device. 

Let’s go step by step to learn why PegSpy is a Smart Choice.

PegSpy CompatibilityPegSpy is compatible with Android devices but is not available for iOS.Android Tracker App

What Makes PegSpy a Leading Android Spy App?

Many facts make PegSpy a perfect choice, but it’s easy to install, and management features are on top. It is simple to create a free account and get yourself registered here. PegSpy offers multiple subscriptions you can choose from. Pick one that is suitable for your requirements and get a QR code. You need to access the target device physically to install the app. Once it starts working by scanning your QR code, it’s time to monitor every activity. You will have your own PegSpy dashboard where multiple features will appear. Now, it’s only one click away to monitor what you want.

Call log

How Does it Work?

It works in stealth mode. When you install it on the target device, the app disappears and works in the background. It allows you to capture every ongoing activity on the target device. Now, you can control someone’s screen without the target device user knowing. 

It’s Time to Dive in Deep at PegSpy Features

Spy App Features

When we find some of the best mSpy alternatives, PegSpy features inspire us the most. You can do a lot more than message tracking and recording phone calls. It helps you monitor the target device in the following ways:

Call Log

If you are concerned about whom your kids are in contact with, you can choose PegSpy. It is the best parental control app that brings call log activity with only one click. It enables you to track incoming and outgoing calls. 

Android Call Log

WhatsApp Tracker

We can’t forget WhatsApp when we name the best messenger apps in the world. It is the most common yet efficient instant app everyone uses these days. No wonder we say that you can track WhatsApp, as PegSpy never disappoints us. What’s more?

It also allows you to read the deleted messages on the target device. 

Capture Pictures

Ready to roll up your sleeves? When you have PegSpy, you can stay one step ahead. With the picture capture feature, parents or employers can turn on the camera and take photos to learn who they are with. 


Location tracking can keep you always on the screen, but no more hassle. We have come up with a geofencing feature that allows us to set virtual boundaries for the target device. When the device enters or exits the safe zones, you will get instant alerts on your own device with our powerful Geofencing App.

Geofence Tracker App

Moreover, you can also check location history to learn about all entries and exits of the target device in the area of your interest. It also enables you to track the live location of the target device anytime, anywhere. 

Remote Controls 

Whether you want to take control of the mic or lock the device remotely, you can do so with PegSpy features. Now, record the surrounding voices and monitor what social gatherings your kids join. 

Apps & Websites Management

It has become easy to monitor and take control of your kids’ screens. Some apps and websites have harmful content. With PegSpy, you can take action and restrict their access to certain apps and websites. According to experts, screen use should be limited to 1-2 hours a day for children 0-17.

Track Tinder

We understand many apps are not for kids, like Tinder. It is crucial to keep track of your child’s online activities. Install PegSpy, a Tinder Tracker on your kids’ Android phones, and start monitoring what they are up to. 

Multiple other features that you can use are message access, Wi-Fi log, etc. 


To meet your budget, PegSpy comes with multiple subscriptions.

spy app price

In the end, we can say:

It’s Worth Investing in PegSpy!


Spynger is also an efficient monitoring app with multiple features. You can check browser history, track deleted messages, and call logs. It is famous for its Keylogger feature to get passwords, notes, and private chats. 

However, it does not allow the management of apps and websites.


If your budget is low for a spy app, choose Phonsee. It comes up with features but no free plan or trial. The key features include message access, multiple app tracking, email monitoring, etc.

Phonsee does not support call recording and keyword alerts. 


EyeZy is a monitoring app tool that works in the background. It offers a variety of features. You can access messages, block apps, and monitor the Wi-Fi networks the target device is connected with. You can also track multiple social media apps that are popular among teens. 


When you need a mSpy alternative, xMobi is also a good option. It gives no free trial or plan, but its key features are efficient for tracking. You can access messages, phone calls, and keyloggers. Meanwhile, it does not support some advanced features, such as call recording. The good thing is that you can spy on Facebook activity, WhatsApp, and Instagram stories.

Is it Safe to Use a Spy App?

Only authorized and well-designed monitoring apps are recommended by experts. Not every app is safe, but you can use the above-mentioned without fear. Before buying any solution, check the subscriptions, as each plan comes up with multiple feature access. You can also try a free plan or trial to see how the app works. PegSpy gives a free trial without any complicated process. It works in the background and allows you to access the target device discreetly.

Monitor online activities with the Best Spy App and do it Confidently!



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