How To Turn Off a Child’s Phone Remotely?

How To Turn Off a Child’s Phone Remotely

Excessive mobile phone use puts your kids at risk of online threats like cyberbullying, harassment, and inappropriate content, which is not suitable for your children’s development. You can easily control the phone usage of your kids during the day, but it is difficult to restrict them from screen time. It is crucial to manage or keep their phones away to protect them from online threats and for their health. Excessive screen time can also lead your kids to various illnesses. In this blog, you will learn how to turn off a child’s phone remotely.

3 Effective Ways To Turn Off A Child’s Phone Remotely:

As technology advances, parenting becomes simpler. Using technology, especially smartphones everyone has a risk of social media dangers. Research shows that children are highly affected by cybercrimes. Here are some effective ways to switch off your kids’ phones without knowing them. 

  • Screen Pin
  • Google Family Link
  • Parental Control Apps

Screen Pin:

Screen Pin is a built-in tool on Android phones that helps you turn off your children’s phones without knowing them. It is a free tool and assists you in locking the device effectively. You have to get access to your children’s phones and turn on the screen pin from general settings. You can easily lock down your children’s phones during family time, studying, or bedtime. Turning on the screen pin may require resetting the passcode of your kids’ mobile phones. It cannot provide other features like screen time management or content filtering. So, parental apps are best to manage or monitor kids’ phones by distance.

Google Family Link:

You can easily control your kids’ screen time remotely by using Google Family Link. It assists you in setting the digital ground rules and regulations for your loved ones.

Google Family Link enables you to set the time for the phone to switch off. It requires you to download two Google Family Link apps, one on your phone and the other on your family member’s phones. Through this, you may hurt your kids’ feelings, and they may feel that their parents do not provide freedom and don’t trust them.

Parenting apps are the best choice because they run on the background of the targeted device. Your kids do not know that you are controlling their phones.

Parental Control Apps:

If you want to control or monitor your children’s phones remotely, parental control apps are excellent techniques for controlling kids’ phones discreetly. Parenting apps enable you to protect your child and assist you in creating a productive and safe digital environment for them.

These apps provide various spy tools, that help you to manage your kids’ screen time without the intrusion of their privacy.

Best Parenting App To Control Kids’ Phones Discreetly:

There are many parenting apps, but PegSpy is a trustworthy app. It is an affordable solution that provides a wide range of features for safeguarding your kids from any danger, such as:

  • Screen Timer
  • App Block
  • Content Filtering
  • GPS Tracker and much more

It is useful to turn off your children’s mobile phones remotely.  You can easily lock your kids’ mobile phones using its device lock, screen management, and app block features. 

Potential Benefits Of Using PegSpy:

Following are some benefits of choosing PegSpy for digital parenting:

  • It is easy to install.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface.
  • It has no limit on the phone version’s model. 
  • It works in stealth mode on the target device.

Why Parents Need To Turn Off Their Children’s Cell Phone?

Phone addiction is a common issue ries among youngster and badly affects their mental or physical health. Every parent wants to safeguard their kids from the alarming risk of phone addiction. When kids spend excess time screening, they may be involved in sexting, manipulated by online predators, and bullied on social media. Research says that 58% of kids have experienced cyberbullying on social media. It can lead your children to hyperactivity, depression, and other health issues like insomnia, or obesity.

It has become mandatory to control kids’ phones remotely to safeguard them from these possible risks.


Parents need to switch off their kids remotely for their online safety. We discussed 3 effective ways to control kids’ phone activities to improve your digital parenting experience. PegSpy is a reliable option to manage and review your child’s screen. 

Get a PegSpy Subscription, and discreetly control your kids’ phones!



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