How to Track Someone on WhatsApp?

How to track someone on WhatsApp

Parents are concerned for their kids’ safety in the digital world. It has become easy for online scammers and predators to reach out to kids and teens. If we talk about one of the most popular messenger apps, WhatsApp ranks top in the list. In 2023, there were 3.031 billion monthly active users on WhatsApp. Every kid uses WhatsApp these days, but your child is one message away from danger, as any stranger can get in contact with your kid. That’s why, knowing how to track someone on WhatsApp can help parents learn whom their kids talk to. If you are looking for an effective solution, you are in the right place. PegSpy is the best WhatsApp Tracker App that monitors every WhatsApp activity.

Let’s start our journey and explore step by step why parents need to monitor kids’ WhatsApp and how to track it without them knowing. 

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a popular chat messenger app actively used by billions of people. A user can send and receive messages or even make voice and video calls. It allows you to create chat groups with multiple members. Where it provides so many benefits, it also comes up with a dark side.

The Dangers and Risks of Using WhatsApp for Kids

Parents can keep in touch with their kids by using WhatsApp, as it is an instant chat messenger for free. Meanwhile, it has a negative side that can affect the mental health of your kids. If your kid seems depressed and hides the screen from you while using WhatsApp, it’s time to take action. Do you know what potential danger your child may experience?

Online Harassment and Cyberbullying

Teens are more vulnerable to online harassment. There is a high possibility that a stranger can get in contact with your child and start sharing inappropriate content. Online molesters or predators often ask kids to share their nudes or videos, and when they refuse, it often ends up with severe harassment.

Peer group chats are not always friendly but can turn into bullying. It causes emotional distress and lowers the confidence of the victim. Sometimes, a heated argument in WhatsApp chat can lead to physical harm to the victim. Teens believe that online harassment is a big problem they face these days, according to the Pew Research Center. It makes it crucial for parents to monitor what their kids are up to.

Inappropriate Content

The feature of sharing photos and videos on WhatsApp is what I like the most. But it’s not the same for everyone, especially for the kids. Strangers or even their peers can share inappropriate content or pornography. Your child may get involved in watching such content that can cause harmful effects on mental health. 


When you notice that your child receives constant WhatsApp notifications, it may be an alarming situation. Its addictive features can distract your kid’s attention and affect their productivity. 

Best Way to Track Someone’s WhatsApp

Parents should not leave their kids alone in this online world. WhatsApp is the most common yet popular app every kid uses nowadays. Teens and kids do not feel good when parents touch their mobile phones. To keep the trust relationship between parents and kids, PegSpy brings its remote WhatsApp Tracking feature that allows parents to monitor all its activities remotely and discreetly. Do you know How it works?

PegSpy – Leading WhatsApp Tracker

PegSpy is a WhatsApp tracking app that works in the background. You do not need to physically access the device every time to get the data after the initial setup. How to start?

  • Create an account on PegSpy – To get yourself registered, Click here:
  • Choose a subscription from our multiple ranges.
  • Install the App on the target device and scan the QR code (That you receive after registration)
  • Sign in on your device and use the dashboard to access the target device.

The final step is to go to the WhatsApp tracking feature and click on it. It will show you the following data options:

Call Log

Review all the incoming and outgoing calls with the time duration.

Photos and Videos

Monitor what type of content your kids share or receive on WhatsApp.

Read Chats

The dashboard will show every chat record.

Access Deleted Messages

Access deleted messages on your kid’s WhatsApp, which helps you learn whom they talk to.

Read Group Chats

Cyberbullying often occurs in group chats. Access to your child’s group chats can reduce the risk of harassment and bullying.


With PegSpy, you can track someone on WhatsApp and monitor their online activities. Our WhatsApp tracker app works in the background, which does not allow target device users to identify if they are being monitored.

Join us and give your kids a safe online environment!



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