How to Monitor Your Keystrokes of Your Child’s Phone?

How to Monitor Your Keystrokes of Your Child’s Phone?

Are they spending extensive time using their mobile phones? Are you apprehensive about your kids’ safe use of mobile phones? They might be browsing or texting something inappropriate. You cannot restrain them from using cell phones in this digital era. However, ensuring their online safety is essential, as the internet offers unchecked access to every type of content. 

Various parental control apps, like PegSpy, can save your kids from any disturbing experience. Use the necessary controls before you face any unpleasant situation, and stay safe. This article is about how PegSpy helps stop your kids from typing suspicious text.

Why You Should Monitor the Keystrokes of Your Child’s Device?

Kids are not entirely aware of what is good for them and what is not.  Also, teenagers are immature and can engage in inappropriate texting for experience. However, they end up harming themselves when not supervised. Some dangerous online experiences are as follows: 

Inappropriate Websites

The internet provides access to the content for people of all ages. Also, there is no way to confirm the age of the user. Kids might search for something explicit or inappropriate out of curiosity. Numerous websites or apps containing harmful, violent, or adult content can develop ill thoughts and cause behavioral issues in them. Searching for this type of content can end up in porn addiction and other mental health issues.


Sexting involves sharing intimate photos and videos or sending and receiving sexually explicit texts on mobile phones. Teens might get into sexting in the context of dating or love relationships. Moreover, someone might make those chats public, which destroys their self-esteem and causes humiliation. Sexting on social networks is risky, and teens should avoid it.

Cyber Predators

Some abusers approach kids online via different social sites and take advantage of their innocence. These predators create a friendly bond with children and groom them for offline abuse. Once a child falls into their trap, they also blackmail and threaten him to obey their instructions; otherwise, they will leak their secret.

Cyber Bullies

Are they safe from bullies on their mobile phones? Bullying is not only limited to school; it can also happen on cell phones. Cyberbullies threaten, humiliate, and harass someone on digital devices. They share content with the intent to humiliate others. Your child can be the one who is being bullied or bullying others.

3 Effective Ways To Monitor Keystrokes

Are you worried about what they text each other? Here are some options to allow them to send and receive selective text messages. Parental control apps, especially PegSpy, are the ultimate solution to your concern.

Mobile Phone Settings

A simple way to avoid unwanted text messages is to enable specific mobile phone settings. You can choose certain phone numbers and add them to the block list of phones so your child does not receive messages from them. Moreover, some mobile phones have a feature through which you can block inappropriate words and phrases. However, this is not an effective option because it does not stop kids from typing fishy words.

Screen Time

Android and Apple provide a new “screen time” feature. This feature allows you to put a limit on screen time and also helps filter inappropriate content. The screen time option does not apply to Android users or stop kids from typing suspicious phrases.

Parental Control Apps

The most modern form of parental control comes with Android monitoring apps. These apps contain many advanced features that result in effective control over kids’ cell phone use. PegSpy, the latest parental control app, is the top app that presents diverse features for your kids’ total online security.

Here is how PegSpy helps you block fishy phrases.

How PegSpy Helps Monitor Keystrokes?

PegSpy provides a comprehensive cell phone monitoring experience. It allows real-time monitoring of your kids’ cell phone activities. A fantastic feature of PegSpy is that it tracks every keystroke on the target cell phone. Knowing what they type on their phones is a few clicks away. 

Keylogger- Avoid Fishy Phrases 

PegSpy has a keylogger feature that keeps you alert of all the phone’s keyboard activity. It records every keystroke and notifies what someone is typing on the target phone. You can add inappropriate words and phrases to the keylogger backlist and receive an alert if someone tries to type those words. 

Other PegSpy Features

PegSpy has many additional features that enable you to control your kids’ cell phone activity more positively. From a simple text message to browser and app history, you can record every task they perform on their cell phones. Following are some key features that PegSpy offers to its users:

  • View immediate surroundings with remote access to the phone camera
  • Record all incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • Monitor all text messages
  • View call log
  • See browser history
  • Monitor activity on all mobile phone apps
  • Filter inappropriate websites
  • Block specific apps to avoid game addiction.
  • Tracking cell phone location
  • Access the photo gallery and view photos and videos
  • Set a screen time limit
  • Additionally, PegSpy offers a reliable mobile monitoring experience around the clock.

What Tells Your Child Is Involved In Suspicious Activity?

Do they try to hide their screen when you are around them? Do you see a change in their behavior? Well, there is a chance some bullies or predators are bothering them. Also, if they use code words while texting, it means there is something to worry about. An irritable and anxious behavior might be due to some disturbing activity. Effective parental control saves your kids from harmful people and also warns you before time if they are doing something wrong.

Final Words

Parents should not leave their kids unchecked with mobile phones in their hands. PegSpy emerges as the best solution for parental control, with its keylogger. Make a list of all unwanted words and phrases in the keylogger, and get alerts when someone types them. Install the PegSpy app and take a sigh of relief as it will update you about every small task performed on the target cell phone.



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