How To Check Someone’s Whatsapp Deleted Messages?

Kids and adults both use WhatsApp for communication. It’s a go app for most people who are smartphone users. The point to ponder is, what if your partner is using to talk to his side chick and cheating on you? Now this thought could take your peace of mind away. You might be thinking that you can physically check their phone but what if they have already deleted the chat? Now you must be thinking that there is no way to catch them red-handed. But you are wrong, you can still catch them and read their whole deleted chat. Let’s discuss 3 different ways to read someone’s WhatsApp Deleted Messages.

How To Check Deleted WhatsApp Chat? 

There are different ways to check deleted WhatsApp chats. Some are built in by WhatsApp but for others, you have to use third-party apps. 

Here we have got you one of the best solutions that can sort this matter out for you as we know what you are dealing with.

PegSpy–Second to None

PegSpy is one of the best spy apps that makes it possible for you to get access to deleted WhatsApp messages. It helps you bring your mental peace. 

The best part is you don’t need to have physical access to your partner’s phone every time after the initial setup, which is a piece of cake. 

The new ultra plus of the app is it works in the background, so your partner will not identify that they are being monitored.

These are the steps you have to follow to get access to WhatsApp deleted messages. 

  • Go to 
  • Make an account for free using your email address.
  • Buy a subscription.
  • Install the app on the targeted device.
  • Log in to your account from any device you have.
  • Then go to the dashboard.
  • Go for WhatsApp tracking.

Chat Back Up

The second option is chat backup. For this, you have to delete the WhatsApp of the targeted device. Then install the app again for the backup which brings the deleted chats back. 

That is how you can read the chats again. 


You need physical access to the device again and again.

You need to delete WhatsApp whenever you feel like reading the messages.

Using Notification History

Notification history is another way to check the deleted messages. You have to make a little change in the device. Here are a few steps you should go with to see the notification history.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Click the “Notifications”.
  • Open Notification History.
  • Enable Notification History. 
  • Now any deleted messages from both WhatsApp can be seen.


  • You need physical access to targeted devices.
  • You cannot see the messages sent by the user.
  • You cannot see the multimedia items.

Wrap Up

Checking WhatsApp messages to catch a cheating partner is not hard anymore. Though it can be done by the built-in features of WhatsApp but is a bit risky. So to get yourself an ease at hand PegSpy is the right option. 

Other features don’t give access to messages if they are deleted one by one.

It gives remote access to the device and works covertly.



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