10 Most Disturbing Online Experiences Kids Must Never Stumble Upon

10 Most Disturbing Online Experiences Kids Must Never Stumble Upon

Does your child use the internet? Digital world comes with serious dangers regardless of its fantasy. Your child can be at the risk of many security and privacy problems while using the internet. Unfortunately, there are many online predators and bullies that can harm him. Your child is at the risk of being a victim to child abuse and exploitation.

Being aware of the potential threats of the digital world and their solution is the need of modern parenting. You can ensure a safe online experience through a positive approach. This article sheds light on the possible bad online experiences your child might face. Moreover, it provides the best solution to minimize these risks and provide a better online experience to your child.

Let’s have a quick look at the 10 most disturbing online experiences your child must always stay away from.

1. Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a sort of bullying that occurs in digital space. It includes sharing harmful, mean, or negative content about someone that serves to humiliate or embarrass someone. Your kid might face cyberbullying via social media texting, online gaming, chat rooms, etc. Cyber bullying leads to emotional damage, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem in kids.

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2. Cyber Predators

Cyber predators may exploit your kid on social media and other online platforms. They sneak into the games and apps that appear charming to kids as anonymous beings and harm them. These people can take advantage of your child’s innocence and involve him in sexual or savage activities. Warn your child about the dangers of online predators and be watchful of people whom he contacts.

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3. Phishing

Phishing occurs through emails that contain malicious attachments or links. Cyber criminals access information about email addresses, friends, etc. through gaming sites and send them such emails. When this is done via messaging, it is called ‘smishing’. Phishing emails pop up randomly and seem harmless because they are often from a friend.

4. Inappropriate or Explicit Content

The Internet contains content for people of all ages and types. There is a lot of content on the internet that is unsuitable for your child. Your child might come across violent or sexually explicit content that is not suitable for his age. This can disturb him mentally and emotionally

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5. Identity Theft

Children are a common target of identity theft due to their innocence. Children might share their personal information like name, address, or phone number on social media accounts. There are multiple ways through which thieves steal their personal information and misuse it in a number of ways. Identity theft has serious consequences in later life as it causes privacy issues, loss of credit, and deprives the person from loans and benefits of public welfare programs.

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6. Social Media Sexting

Your child might engage in social media sexting due to curiosity without knowing its harmful consequences. Sexting includes sharing intimate and sexually explicit texts and images on social media. Once shared, someone might misuse them to bully or harass your child, and ultimately lead to anxiety and depression. Sexting has serious legal consequences and open the doors for child sexual abuse.

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7. Posts that Later Haunt Your Child

You cannot delete your posts on the internet, they remain there permanently. Your child can post content or send messages that later cause embarrassment. He might do something online that is impossible to delete and regret in later life. His opinions and thinking can change in later life and such posts affect his future life.

8. Self-Esteem Issues Using Social Media

Social media apps seem fantastic as they allow one to connect and share a variety of content with friends and family. Kids are attracted to this unrealistic world and compare their life with that of others. Your child can end up with low self-esteem and inferiority complex with extensive use of social media. Educate him to use social media platforms in a positive manner and build his confidence.

9. Online Scams

Your child might stumble upon online scams that offer an easy and free approach to trending online games as well as their premium features. The main reason for children becoming victims of scams is the unawareness at a young age. You should teach your children to stay alert from scams. Usually the offers which are too charming and give too much are scams.

10. Downloading Malware

The softwares that downloads automatically without the user’s permission is called malware. Malware can harm your kid in various ways like stealing private information or hijacking the system. Cyber criminals befool children and persuade them into downloading malicious games that seem attractive. They end up downloading malware that poses threats to system privacy.

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How to Ensure Internet Safety for Kids?

You can teach your child to use the internet in a careful manner to ensure his safety. Alert him about the pros and cons of social media and other sites. Additionally, there are parental control apps that help you monitor your kid’s online activity. PegSpy is the ultimate phone monitoring app that enables you to supervise your child’s cell phone.


Parental Control has become very easy with advanced features of the PegSpy. This is the most up-to-date and reliable app that provides remote access to Android devices. You can monitor each online activity of your kid, track his location, and set a limit on screen time to ensure his online safety.

With PegSpy, you can filter the content that your child can access and block inappropriate apps and websites. It provides comprehensive features that allow you to monitor calls, texts,and all social media activities. The app is easy to install and has a simple interface with many amazing features.

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How to Ensure Internet Safety for Kids?

Final words

Despite its wonders, the digital era can lead to serious threats if used carelessly. Provide your kids with a protected digital space to enhance their abilities and skills in a positive way. Set appropriate controls and limits for your kids online exposure by monitoring every keystroke.



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